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Monday, January 10, 2011

Live in the Moment

Some days I feel like I am just going through the
motions of life, possibly a slave to my schedule. I
walk through my days thinking of how I will organize
this or maintain that. My thoughts are not on the task
at hand. My mind and body seem to be separate. They
are in different places. My body might be snuggling
my little one but my mind more than likely is planning
my next activity. I miss the here and now. The
simple joy of that moment.

A few years ago I purged everything that I could to
create less clutter to simplify our lives so that I could
enjoy those moments. Yet I still have clutter, mental clutter.
I can drive from point A to point B and not remember the
trip . I can bathe and prepare my hair for work in the morning
and not really see my own face. I can be listening and hearing
my family talk but they are at a distance. I don't always really
hear. My thoughts are always in the future, planning and scheduling.
Sometimes they are in the past too fretting over what I may
have said or done and how I could have redone that situation.

I want to simplify my life not only from stuff but from emotional
clutter. Give it to God has become a mantra in 2010 but
now it's time to push through. God wouldn't want me to ponder
on these things and miss a simple moment. The smell of the
soap in the dish pan, the giggles around me, the beauty
of my girls and the feel of freshly vacuumed carpet. I am
missing those things that bring Joy and closeness to God.
He is in everything.

I began 2011 with the thought to be positive. A family member
passed....think positive, Finances not going very well...think
positive. What I really realized is it isn't just the positive thinking
its was my thoughts busy straightening things out and
they need to be here in the now. Here and now and
think positive. Enjoying Gods moments.



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