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Monday, January 3, 2011

January New Year Simple Women's Daybook

Today is...
January 3, 2010

Outside My Window....
The sun is shining. It is about 30 degrees. Cold but not as
cold as it was previously. We have had some odd
weather with temps going to 50 degrees which is sort
of different from previous weather.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - Relaxed and worked on Fashion club ideas
Sunday -Sunday services and nursery . Then
unhanging of the greens. Maybe we will get to
Unhanging our own house next weekend.

Health Care....

Dad's hand is improving some. His cuts
are closing nicely. He does have some difficulty
in trying to bend his fingers. I'm not sure that therapy
is going to remedy that problem or not.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4- (Spirit turns 5 this month)
Snow Activities. Letter games and counting with snowballs

Superboy age 10-Just beginning our history of us books
and using history pockets to go along with the lessons.
Working on spelling and writing things in order that they
make some semblance of sense.

Princess age 13- Pre Alg. Square roots and exponents
Working through our History of Us and is also learning about
World War 1 . Beginning a new grammar and language course.

I am wearing...
Dark blue jeans and my workshirt

I am hearing ...
Sweet pea playing.

Favorite things.....
brand new compostition notebooks
and lesson books filled with plans.

I am Thankful for...
Cute little girls in pink
Fuzzy socks
Gods answers
Gods silence
reams of paper

I am praying for...

My family as we have now lost 3 great aunts in
the last 3 months.

A peace in my soul . When others are stirred up
I become stirred up and I don't like how that effects me.
I know I shouldn't worry with their agressions and yet
they attach themselves to me on top of my own struggles.
I ask for peace to let things go that I can not control.

Prayers for our church coordinator and his wife as they
are both experiencing health issues.


Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Wednesday- Funneral
Friday-Co-op activities



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