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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This year I have learned so much about Physical Education
working at Before and After care. I know that the information
I have learned can be valuable to my children and possibly
to other Home Educated families. My hope is to post many
of our gym activities as ideas for your Homeschool gym
classes weather you are in a large group or you and one child.
Each Game activity will be posted with goals, number of children
that can play, supplies and how the game is played.

My first Game post is Called
FROG Ball..

Frog Beach balls or other beach balls- (number needed
depends on number of children playing.)
I bought blow up beach balls shaped like frogs at Oriental
trading company.

Carpet squares- 4-5 (or 1 if playing one on one)

Balls or bean bags

Number of children who can play:

This game can be played in your living room with one
child or in a gym with many children. If playing
with one child you will need 1 bean bag or ball, 1 carpet
and one frog ball. If playing with 6-8 students you will need
about 6 frog balls, 4-5 carpets and enough bean bags or ballsfor each child.

Hand eye coordination, motor skills, and
endurance if a runner.

Game 1:
Create your play area by laying down carpets and then
frogs in front of them about a foot apart. You can have them
off at an angle or simplier for younger children and line them
up with the carpets. Each child will stand behind the line or
you can create an invisable line for children to stand behind.
You could use jump ropes as your dividing lines if you need to.
Then your lines can move to create more of a challenge.
Each child recieves a ball. On the go children throw their balls
into the frogs to try and get them to sit onto the carpets.
Children can use bean bags as well.

When playing with a larger group I like to use runners who
retrieve balls and toss them to the thowers. Some
children enjoy this more than the actual game.

Each cild gets points for each frog on the carpets.

Game 2:
Another game that works wonderfully with a
larger group is Frog Battle ball.

Create 2 teams. Sit frogs on dividing line. create a second
line on each side that the balls need to be hit over. (about
2 foot from the center line one on each side) On the go the teams hit
the frogs with balls trying to get them into their opponets playing
area by passing the second line. If a frog passes the line
he is out of play and a point for hitting team.



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