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Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Hair cut

Sweet Pea had her first hair cut by mom yesterday.
I have wanted to cut it for so long now but Dad said
oh please don't cut her hair. So I left it go. I tried
to explain how hard it would be to keep that long
hair from her eyes as a toddler but to no avail.
Finally last night he says I think Sweet pea does
need bangs and so we did.

(don't mind the messy shirt in the picture I figured
after the hair cut a bath was due. )

She looks just as sweet as she always does but now
I can clearly see her cute little face.

She sat oh so still while I cut it which actually really
surprised me. I sat her on top of the desk and dad
held on to her while I trimmed away. At times she'd
look down and through her hair trying to see what I was
doing . I think I got it pretty straight with such
a curious little one.



  1. She's so precious. I hope you kept some of that hair. I was looking at the girls' baby books Friday and I had pieces of their first hair cut in envelopes. They grow up so fast.


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