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Friday, January 21, 2011

Breath Prayers

Snow falls and drifts silently to the ground.
Is the beauty and silence unbreakable.
Your feet crunch in the snow as you head to your
car. Anxiety wells up as your eyes glance to the road.
Fear grips your heart but you press forward to get home
to your family. Longingly wanting to get to your JOY
your family and safety.

Driving in bad weather scares me at times but I
know that there are times I have to, to get
where I am going , to get home. Fear is something
I struggle with daily. Driving in the snow is a smaller
level of fear. I worry about everything even
though I know the words of our Father..

Matthew 6:25-34
Don't worry about your life, what you'll eat or
what you'll drink, or about your body, what you'll wear.

If you have read here before you know that I
have been trying this year to be positive and to
push those fears away living in the moment. On
Sunday last week I picked up the latest ALIVE
Issue. (which I rarely do) God must have known
I needed this issue.

In the January/February issue what do I find
but Articles about living in the present.
My favorites being This Moment is Holy
by Carol McCrea and A calm and
Quiet soul by J.K. West. You can visit
them at

I have been trying to do just what Carol
McCrea has written about. I have been trying
to live in the moment. Trying to keep my mind
here in the now. I love how she calls these
simple moments Holy Moments.

I also liked the idea of creating a breath prayer.
I never thought to call it that. I call them
little reminders to myself. I don't know why
I didn't think to aim them in the direction
of my God. Typically they are under my breath
like be positive.. Be positive... Let God have
it... etc.. Breath prayer isn't new it's an ancient
practice to put prayer into your everyday life.

Breath prayers should be said until they become
a part of your breathing. Envision Jesus before
you asking what you need and think of the first
things that come to mind.

I love the one in the Alive magazine but I'm
not sure I can share it so I'll let you find the
magazine and read it yourself.

* My God my all my everything

*Jesus, Your will is my will

* Breath in faith, let go of Fear

* Let me ponder on You ,Lord
Not struggles

*Give me a Positive Heart, Let Negative Go

*All of You, All for You

Please leave me your Breath prayers.



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