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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bean Bag Leg Tag

Supplies you will need:
-Bean bags for each child or
hacky sacks would do.

-10-12 cones or bowling pins

Recommended players :At least 6
Up to 15 on a team.

Goals:Hand eye coordination
Team playing

Personal notes:This game the kids absolutely love
because they all stay in play in some
shape. Games where they are all moving
and thinking are wonderful. The children
enjoy them more.

Set up your playing area with a dividing line
and a game area with enough running space
that children don't run into one another but
small enough to be gotten by a bean bag.

At the back of each play area set up cones
in a row.
How game is played:When the whistle is blown children try
to hit the feet or legs of the opponents team
with a bean bag. Specify the knee or below.

*Hint works great to slide the bag across
the gym floor

If a child is hit by the bean bag they head over
to the opponents side of the playing field and sit
behind the cones. They are in the out area.

While in "Out play" if a bean bag comes
to them they can get it and try hitting
their opponents legs from behind. They
may not get up from sitting position to get a bean
bag. If they get someone out they are released
back into play Or if a player from their team
knocks down one of the cones in front of them.

*If a cone is hit. Then the first player to be put
out of play gets to go back in play.

Game continues until all players of the opposing time
are "Out of play"



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