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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stuck in her Thumb and pulled out a BELL?

My little sweet pea will be 8 months in a few weeks.
She is beginning to get into that "get into everything stage".
This morning she was playing on the floor and came across
a big bell. She was enjoying the bell rolling it around. Listening
to it jingle. It was so large I didn't think anything could harm
her on it so I allowed her play with it. She smiled and giggled.
Suddenly she was very unhappy. I checked things out and
here the bell was stuck on her thumb. I tried to take it off
but it was suck for certain and for sure. I carried her to the
kitchen with this big bell her on thumb and all I could
think of was the rhyme Little Jack Horner... How he sticks his
thumb into a pie and pulls out a plum. I ran water over her
little thumb but it still wouldn't come off. So I added soap
and it slid off leaving a little cut. She is sooo very
curious. More curious than any of the others. I am going
to have to watch her like a hawk.

She is just beginning to get up on her hands and rocking back
and forth as if she wants to crawl. She gets around by getting
on her hands and knees and then sliding. It reminds you of
how a Caterpillar might go across a leaf. So even though she
can't quite crawl yet she manages to get around just fine.

Sweet pea can also sit alone for the most part. You still needs
to be near by for support but she can sit for long periods and
really enjoys playing this way.

She is still always smiling, always giggling and always
so happy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook ---- Spring Break

Today is....
March 29th, 2010

Outside My Window....
It is grey and has rained quite a bit. We seem to be
in our rainy season.

I am Thinking.....
About Spring Break. Everyone needs a breather once in awhile
and with all the illness we have faced recently we need
time to clean the house thoroughly. I also need to get started
on planning for next year. Our local curriculum fair is coming up
and I hope to look for some of the books I plan to use in the
used curriculum aisles.

Health Care....
Daddy has to go this week for some blood work. Just routine
check up type things. He also is to get his eyes checked in the
near future.

Spirits Asthma has been behaving itself. He hasn't been
using his inhailer anymore.

....and I got that lovely stomach virus again... Yuck twice
in the last month. This time less voilent but still not fun.

From the learning rooms...
(over spring Break)

Will be working over spring Break on an English paper
that is past due. I have assigned this 2 weeks ago and it should
have been completed by now. I give her ample time to
complete these assignments I give her to work on on her own.
So she must have it completed Today. She also has some art
she'd like to work on.

Over spring Break Superboy will continue with
his phonics and Science. I'd like to finish up our units
before we take a much needed break in the summer months.

Will be playing and enjoying the weather if it allows us to.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Chicken corn soup
Tuesday- Salad and fruit
Wednesday- sausage, corn and pasta
Thursday- Hot open roast beef sandwiches and
gravey with french fries
Friday- Pizza
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Blue capris and a grey shirt

I am creating...
Working on preparing Easter Crafts for fellowship at church.
This will consume my crafting time till after Easter.
(update most of the prepartions is ready just need
to cut a few stripes of tissue paper)

I am hearing....
The kids having a converstaion about bones.

Favorite things.....
Jelly bellies.

I am Thankful for..
Jesus for saving me on the cross and
saving me each day I open my eyes.

Really good books and the time to read them.
The food on our table that I pray will continue to flow.

Homemade easter Candy.. So good it's painful.

I am praying for...

Our church family

A homeschool family whose dad is very ill and will
only get worse as time goes. It is very hard for all of them.

Our VBS coordinator.

Our financial situation (something has to give soon)

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Still recooperating from being sick but doing
paper work and such my desk was piled. I can see wood now.
Tuesday- Open to the day
Wednesday- Stop at church to get things ready for Easter
and to drop of Pizza orders
Thursday- dying easter eggs and church service
Friday- Egg hunt at my dads work, spending the day with
grandparents and then church services
Saturday- Easter fellowship activities at our church
including set up, and tear down.
Sunday- Church, Easter at Papaws

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Asthma,Shots,Easter, and School planning .. All in One.

I surely have been missing from my blog lately. Honestly I
have Not gone away. It just so happens that it is that
season in my life where I am busy, busy, busy...
I have so much to share with you that we created. Hopefully
I can get to posting these later this week. So, what have
we been up too....

Spirit was Diagnosed with Asthma, which I
know many children have. It has been new to all of us.
He seemed to enjoy using his inhaler at first but now
the novelty has worn off. I have had to make a game
of it but there is only so much you can do with breathing
in and out. As the week goes he is using it less and
less. He is also off the meds now which is wonderful
since they made him very hyper. More so in talking then
anything. His new thing is to tell scary stories. It is
hilarious. I really need to get one of these on tape.
His arms go and his eyes get so big. Never mind
the stories aren't very scary at all.

Sweet Pea has had her own adventures. Monday she
had her 6 month check up even though she is 7months.
She was vaccinated at that time and given a tetanus shot.
Poor little girl ended up with a terrible fever and her
little leg is sore from the tetanus. You can tell because
she fusses when you touch it. I have been putting cold
compress on it for her. She has been overly clingy .
I enjoy holding her and snuggling. It is just hard to get
any chores done. When you sit her down to play , she
fusses immediately after. Sometimes I just have to allow
her to fuss a little. One does need to use the restroom
on occasion.

Finances have been getting tighter and tighter. Daddy's
health seems to be leveled out but his work still
will not allow him back. I honesty don't know how
much longer we can hold on. Somehow though the
Lord seems to provide. Each month when I don't think
we will make it something gives and we do by a tiny hair.
I earnestly pray and He gives. It is so amazing. It is hard
at times to be faithful but I push myself to stay on course.

I am also in the throughs of preparing our easter activites
at our church. I have over 2,000 eggs filled with candy
and treats for the children. I now have to work on cutting
and preparing for the crafting section. I have done this
now for the last 5 years. It has become second nature to
complete it all. Each year I have about 60 children in
attendance. At the moment I have 30 registered but I
can tell you they will come. It is wonderful to be able to
be apart of their celebration with Christ. I can hardly
believe that Spring has sprung and that next week is
Palm Sunday already. Today I will be heading out to do
our Easter shopping and gather more supplies for the
church activities. I will not need to buy any candy
as I have already bought a few peeps and jelly beans.
Daddy has been working making the candy. It gives
Him something to do. I probably will end up making a
second trip to the store later this week.

The older children are busy as usual. Toad is off going
to school and handling his weekends with the national
guard. Tom girl is tending to that new little one and Heart
is ending her year as a Senior. Time sure does fly by.
Superboy and Princess are working hard on their studies.
Princess has been dilegently working. Her hardest subjects
seem to be grammar and Science. I am looking at
curriculum for next year. I am thinking of trying Daily
grams to keep her grammar skills up. No sooner than
you try a skill she has forgotten it . It can be very
frustrating. I also am looking for a good bible program.
I am considering creating my own but might try some of
the Notgrass studies. Superboy seems to be struggling
through in all subjects. Maybe its the weather that is
bothering him. He just wants to play and play all day.
I don't know what to do to get him to focus more. Both
of them seem to struggle with their writing skills. With
Superboy it is remembering the basics of using
Capital letters and remembering puncuation. You'd
think he would automatically do this by now. All
of these thoughts are going through my head. Its
that time of year to begin plans and purchases for
our family. I have so many ideas to help them and
have ongoing notes on my pc for when I think of them.
They are very vague at times but helps me when reading
through them as to what I am looking for to better
meet their needs. As the weeks go I am preparing my
list for our local homeschool sale. I won't be attending
a big convention this year. Trying to save as much
as I can and find as many resource for sale or free
online. I know they are out there. So I will put
my ideas and topics together and see what I can
come up with this summer. Should be interesting.

There is so much going on I could honestly write
a novel but I'll leave you with these thoughts for
now. More on planning later.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Worth a Million....

I am the problem solver.. This is my new Mom title.
Mom the patient, Mom the solver, Mom the puzzler,
Mom the patient, puzzle solver. It seems that is all I am
contending with. Just as I drop in the last piece of one puzzle,
I have a very brief moment and another million pieces is dropped
in my lap. I only have time to take a deep breath sigh, smile and begin
again. There is so much to do in a day. It has come down to one
Of those planners with the hour by hour for each day. Each hour is
filled with a task needing done. There is no time to just sit and fiddle.
Hmm maybe fiddling would be easier to learn.

Never mind the day to day tasks of late things have grown wider.
When we went to purchase our new to us van. Our money was
missing from our bank account. My wonderful church friends were
sweet enough to work out an agreement until it was resolved.
Which I was so happy for because our old van was so beat up.
By the way have I mentioned how much we love our new van.
Maybe only 1,000 times. This week we had to make out our
police report and have papers notarized for sending to our bank.
The police are going to the ATM in question and taking a peek
at the photos. We should know soon who the culprit is. Then if
the bank sees it was someone other than us using the card

(which they will) we will then get our money back from the bank.
Hopefully it goes that smoothly. Not only that but the bank issued
us 3 cards now none of which we have received. So each has
been stopped and reshipped. This time they Fed Ex'd it to us.
I was surprised that Fed Ex actually put the envelope in our door.
When we didn't answer immediately . That means if we hadn't
been home our bank card would have been sitting on our porch.
That is wayyy to trusting for me. No wonder ours has gone missing
multiple times.

Now on top of this our medical cards were causing all sorts of issues.
We were told we owed a large sum of money to the Dr. office.
Apparently our new cards weren't sent. Our Co pay is different.
The large sum turned out to not be so large after all but our Co-pay
has risen a little bit. (Nothing we cant handle of course)

Then today I received my electric bill with extra charges placed
on it. Again problem solving momma spent time with the phone
in one hand and baby in the other as I tried to solve this next issue.
Again all is solved. They keep coming I tell you. One after another.
Honestly hopefully that is the last mistake from a bank, electric
company, insurance co. that I see for awhile.

And so in honor of my problem solving week that I seem to be having.
I decided to present to you The Bible Millionaire game. Lets
see if you can solve these questions from the bible. If you don't know the
answers you can always have your bible ready for solving purposes.
This PowerPoint was created for my elementary/middle school er to
Play with. I created 2 games from the PowerPoint blanks I posted
a bit ago. You can find the games on my sidebar on the right.
In my file for share folder, Click the bible folder.
The games are listed as Millionaire 1 and Millionaire 2. You can play
as a team or create two teams and see how far you can get. Some of
the questions will seem just plain silly. Its all in the fun. A relief from
the labor. Hint.. before playing the game you might want to try the
slides before you begin in how you advance them. If you click to fast
to move to another slide the answer will be revealed before you
want it to . So try it out first.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Simple Women's Daybook

Today is....
March 15, 2010

Outside My Window....
It is raining still from Friday. I really don't mind the rain.
The rain means the plants will grow. It also isn't snow.

I am Thinking.....
that I enjoy typing up my daybook. I have no idea if anyone
reads this or not but I do it for me. It helps me to get my
thoughts together for the week. Anything that can help I will
do for sure.

Health Care....
All is well at the moment. Still trying to get those test diabetes
test stripes at a more reasonable price.

From the learning rooms...

Pre Algebra Geometric shapes
Literature- Reading Stories of Justice
History- Inventors of the period
Science- Creation Science

Math- Geometry
(Still working on multiplication using the
game at
Literature- Reviewing old stories we have read.
History- Industrial Revolution
Science - Classifying animals

Working on the letters Z
Learning about Zoo animals, what they eat, where they
live, Creating a lapbook.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries
Tuesday- Salad and fruit
Wednesday- sausage, corn and pasta
Thursday- Spaghetti and garlic bread
Friday- Pizza
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Black jeans and black shirt
(need to go shopping for some spring shirts)

I am creating...
Working on preparing Easter Crafts for fellowship at church.
This will consume my crafting time till after Easter.

I am hearing....
Spirits new truck. Why do they make
those toys with such loud button sounds.

Favorite things.....
Our new high chair. Sweet pea was really ready for one.
See looks so big in it.

I am Thankful for..
Healthy family
A moment to type
Long hot baths
Story time
Organized baby shelf

I am praying for...
Our church family

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School, Tax time
Tesday- School
Wednesday- School, Choir, rummage sale set up
Thursday- school, Cub Scouts
Friday- School , church rummage sale (weekend too)
Saturday- shopping, planning
Sunday- Church, Path youth

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Junk, ,Babies, and Burger King Oh My

What a busy day. It is now 2 a.m. the next morning
but sleep is not coming for some reason. Maybe the
busyness of the day so thought I'd blog then sleep.

I woke knowing that the day was going to be hectic. I
readied the family. This typically takes an hour to get
baby fed, changed , and the others together and out the door.
Our first stop was the junk yard. Finally that old Blue van is
gone. I can't say I see the draw of the junk yard but I was
surprised at how busy it was there. Men going in and out as
I stood under the makeshift shed, my feet precariously standing
in the solidest mud I could locate to stand on. I am so glad
I didn't actually have to do farther inside with the shoes I had
on. I then drove the rest of the family back home again.
I had forgotten to take the van off of our policy so I called
immediately after returning. This took about 20 minutes as
the insurance company decided it was time to review my
policy and of course they tried to sell me other insurance.
I hate that pushiness ,as this was going on I was making copies
that I would need for my next venture out.

By this time it was almost 10:00. The kids had finished their
math skills and were on to bigger and better things. I planned
For this day in advance and they were prepared to work on
lessons alone most of the day with little help from Daddy.
I stopped long enough to feed the baby and change her . Then
with Spirit and baby in hand we headed out for errand day.

My first stop the bank, then the Notary to get rid of that extra tag
I had. This place was also surprisingly busy. (Don't people work anymore
during the day. ) I had to wait almost 30 minutes to get rid of the
tag which only took a minute or two to do. While we waited
Spirit sucked on a lollipop we had gotten from the bank. An elderly
man joked with him asking him if he'd share his lolly and asked if
he was Pappys boy as he had his John Deere hat on. Sweet pea
slept through this entire event, which was one small blessing.

Next stop to drop some personal paperwork off in town, of course
I couldn't park anywhere near the building and had to walk about
a block and a half to drop of a paper. Sweet pea was stirring so I just
plucked her from her car seat and took her that way with Spirit
holding my hand. The dropping of the paper was quick and easy
with a potty break for Spirit. Honestly didn't we just leave the
house. Despite that fact Spirits stomach was calling so I stopped off
at Burger King for a bite to eat. Not the most nutritious but it did the
job. Now this next stop was every kids dream but somehow I
managed to get out of there unscathed.....

Babies R us... I had two babies to buy for for showers that are
coming up. The registries were printed for me. I looked through
the list... walked around... looked through the list.... Not finding
a thing on it.... walked some more... asked someone to help with
a blanket on the list.... Hmmm not in stock... thought maybe the
other list might work better for the other mommy...walked some
more... Spirit.. Potty...decided I'll buy what I want to buy.. Darn registry...
I won't say what I bought but both are for little girls. It was fun
to shop for them but there were several adorable things I wanted
for Sweet pea too. The cutest head bands and swimsuits on sale
already. Everything girly.. I also must say that my newest favorite
baby item is the cloth that you purchase to put over the shopping
carts. I think they are called Floppy seats. This was Sweet peas
first time sitting in one but I thought since she is sitting up fairly
well that she would enjoy this and ohh shopping was so pleasant
as she looked all around cooing.

Last stop ( well maybe) was walmart. I had to buy some
odds and ends. By now we had gotten in and out of
our car seats sevearl times. I actually taught Spirit how to buckle himself
which saved some time. This store was uneventful. Other than check
out. The lady I had at check out was really slow. Now I am
not a person in a hurry so when I say she was slow I mean
really really slow. I only had a few items yet the register
beside us checked out 6 huge loads of groceries to my one with
maybe 15 odds and ends. Of course Spirit is not standing bored
looking at items that they have at the check out after a bit that
bores him too so now he needs the potty again. I ask him to
wait a moment. He spies the drinks and decides he doesn't have
To go potty but needs a drink. Finally we head home. Traffic
is horrible. Can you tell I don't like to go out often.

I decided to stop for pizza for dinner but realize that with
Sweet pea and Spirit how would I possibly carry it. So I return
home. (right down the road a bit) Unload babies and bags.
Grab Heart and head out again. This time I need gas, Heart
needs to stop at the bank to cash a check and then the pizza
place where we sip on sodas and chat about our days till pizza is

Then Finally a real last we head home. Eat , feed sweet pea,
grade papers, dress sweet pea in PJs, Pap comes to take Superboy
to cubscouts, (thanks pap) Spirit tags along, Boys return, Pjs for
all and bed. Which I did actually stay in until now..

Now you'd think that accomplishing so much would mean blissful sleep
and yet the day is running through my head. So now
that that is off my mind I think I'll try to go back to sleep....
See you in the morning.... Wait it is technically morning..
Ok the morning where you are actually awake and beginning
you day with children. That morning..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning Early this Year....

I am only stopping for a little break this morning.
I wake up and barely have time to breath. I know
it isn't quit spring but I am ready for it and have begun
our spring cleaning. Yesterday and today we sorted out all
the toys in our house. I found that some could be passed to
the smaller ones. Some of the toys were broken and falling
apart, and then there were some that are useful but have
lost their excitement for the moment. I had bags and boxes
for each area a bag for trash, a bag for toys that our church
nursery could use, a bag for toys passed to the babies in our home,
a bag for our church rummage sale and a box for storage.
The children are working on lessons right now in their own
rooms today. At lunch time I hope to have them help me
carry out all the bags to their proper locations. It feels so
good to go through all those unnecessary items. While
they are working on a few lessons I am going to go through
their clothing. It is a bit early to sort the summer clothes
but I think that I can tell already which are going to fit and
what we will need to purchase. I will be taking inventory so to
speak of these items and making a list of the needed
clothing. I think it will be best to sort this all out now so
that I can enjoy the beginning of spring with the children.
Possibly taking some long walks and using our nature journals.

Now tell me why when you clean up all the clutter and
sort all the toys out that the little ones then pull it all
out again. I suppose it looks so wonderfully inviting that they
can't stand letting it sit. Plus I imagine that they are
seeing things that they forgot they had. Quite honestly there
are many things I forgot they had.

I also need to clean out our old van because it will go
this week to the junk yard, since that is all it is worth. I have
our yard chairs in the trunk, strollers, my box of mommy goodies
such as wipes, napkins, small blanket etc.. and a few sit
down toys for Spirit to play with since rides seem so long for him.
Hopefully I can move all of that to our new van and make it feel
more like home. Honestly I don't even want to dig through that van.
I am completely done with it. I can barely stand looking at it.
It has caused us so much trouble and so much money. I will be
glad when its in the right place with the other.....JUNK.

Now if I could just get the men in our house to get organized
life would be good. I know I talked about this the other day a
bit but it is still a thorn in my side. I do not know why they
think they need to keep everything. Even with the toy clean
up Spirit was there picking out toys I had to give away. Superboy
keeps odd things that have absolutely no purpose (to me), such
as wire from the end of a spiral notebook, or a piece of paper
with a few scratches on it. If it were me I'd throw it all out
in one dash and only keep the things worth keeping. Daddy tends
to be a bit like this as well. Keeping old computers for parts
and old electronics. Princess is more like her mommy when
getting rid of things. She has cleaned up so much I barely know
if she has anything left. If she has no use for it it goes out the
door. Maybe she is even better at it than I am since there
are times when I see something and think Awww she can't
get rid of that but then I realize that she isn't a baby anymore.
That she really probably doesn't have a use for the item.

So off I go. I hope to share some more Pre K zoo items
with you this week and some fun bible games. I had hoped
to share my bible millionaire game but the powerpoint doesn't
want to seem to load in my file share. I'll try one more time
and then I suppose it will just have to be mine to keep to myself.

If you happen to be Spring cleaning let me some of the things that
you like to do each year at this time to stay organized. I am
always looking for new ideas to add to my old ones.
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is....
March 9, 2010

Outside My Window....
It is a beautiful 50 degrees. Our laundry is hanging in the
cool breeze. My hope is that Spring is truely on the way.
That the snow is done.

I am Thinking.....
about getting things ready for our church rummage sale.
I have the kids going through their belongings and donating the items
they no longer want. I don't know why but the girls in this house
are willing to get rid of so much more than the boys are. Maybe
because we clean up more and no the value of less clutter. For some
reason the boys haven't figured this one out yet.

Health Care....

Daddy has been doing pretty good. No major issues or
challenges. It has been a nice change from the every moment

Princess X-rays came out just as we wanted them too so that
was excellent news. Spirits nails fell off now and are beginning to
grow again. It is much easier for him to play.

From the learning rooms...

Pre Algebra Geometric shapes
Literature- Reading classics
History- Inventors of the period
Science- Creation Science

Math- Geometry
(Still working on multiplication using the
game at
Literature- Reading about Greece (finishing that this week)
History- Industrial Revolution
Science - Classifying animals

Working on the letters Z
Learning about Zoo animals, what they eat, where they
live, Creating a lapbook. Doing a few Saint patricks day crafts.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Roast beef gravey and french fries
Tuesday- Fried chicken, peas, and baked potatoes
Wednesday- sausage, corn and pasta
Thursday- Salad and pasta
Friday- Barbque pork sandwiches, pickles
and fruit
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Tan pants and pink shirt

I am creating...
Less choas by cleaning house and getting rid
of things we no longer need. (ha ha Like my old van)

I am hearing....
Children playing and giggling

Favorite things.....
Sweet peas adorable little lamb that plays music.
He is soo soft.

I am Thankful for..
Healthy family
The sun shining
Games for learning
All the help with cleaning from
princess this week
My messy bedroom because it means it
is in the process of being orderly again.

I am praying for...
Daddy that his health continues to move upward.
Financial stability unemployment is scary

Princess for her testing at the Dr. Friday (testing came out
wonderfully thanks for the prayers)

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School
Tesday- School
Wednesday- School, Choir
Thursday- school, Cub Scouts
Friday- School
Saturday- shopping, planning
Sunday- Church, Baby shower

Picture I'd like to share.....Sweet pea and Heart

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Our engines have been very warm this week. We have been
running errands and attending appointments. It has given us a
chance to get used to our new mini van. The children are enjoying
the extra room they seem to have and I have gotten used to
how it handles. Each of us has selected a radio station that is
programmed into the player. The only problem is deciding
who gets to choose. Typically daddy gets his station when
riding in the van. The girls choose next and I get mine if no
one else is along, which as you can imagine doesn't happen
often or if only the little ones are there.

Monday Superboy had his last dental appointment out of 6
in the treatment process. If he has learned nothing else it is
brush and brush often. I also have become more diligent about
checking to see if they have brushed. That was an expensive
lesson I hope not to repeat. I have always checked when they
were small but as they got older I assumed they had that covered.
I suppose in hindsight I should have known Superboy would be the
one to sneak that past me. I don't know why it is so hard to
light motivation under him. I try and try to cultivate a
good work ethic but he still is floundering about.
Hopefully one day my hard work will shine through. I can
only pray for it at this point as I am doing all I can think to do
to get that boy going. It goes all the way through him
from cleaning up after himself to doing his school lessons.
Basically I find myself following him around all day long
trying to make sure he is doing what he is supposed to do.
He is distracted so easily by any little sound, toy or even talking.
Somehow at times I even find myself babbling along with him
instead of him doing the math I assigned him. Then I have
to remind him and myself that he needs to be working.
His lessons take him so long to complete and not because
they are overly difficult but because of his distraction tactics.
I have found as most children do that he loves to play games
so I try to incorporate that into his day but honestly
sometimes you just have to sit down and write out the answers
to the facts. That is just how life is. He just has to learn
to find the joy in all tasks. Even ones he finds the
task difficult, boring or long. It's a challenge.

Yesterday Princess had her well check up at the Dr.
office. It hit me how much she has grown one second
and the next how young she still is. Without giving to
much information Princess had to go for an X-ray. (she would
not like me going into detail ) She was so anxious about it.
I went along with her the entire way. More so than I thought
she'd need me for. It was almost strange to have her rely
on me so as she is so independent. The older she gets the
harder she pushes for it. I have to step back sometimes.
I am so used to her needing me that now that I am to step
back I have to consciously think it through before I act.
Yet there as she sat in her blue gown she seemed so young.
That balance of being there and allowing her to fall are
so difficult at this preteen age. Emotions often flair and then
subside. I am never sure where she is at a given moment.
I just take it in stride. What will today bring I don't know.
Most importantly I just watch first then react following her lead.

It seems as I am typing this I realize what a mess we all are.
Daddy and his medical issues, Superboy and his dental,
princess and her X-rays and Spirit with his nails. Yep even
Spirit has an issue lately. He hit one of his fingers with a
hammer and the other jammed it at the picnic table when playing
in the snow. Both fingers became infected. Him being so
young we soaked him in the tub till he was a little prune and then
squeezed a little to get the infection out. The I put
neosporin for kids and a band aid to keep it clean. That
seemed to work as the infection has gone away but now his
nails are falling off. His middle finger I think will be off
very soon as it is barely on. It is hard for him to play and
keep them clean for fear the infection will reappear.

As you can see we have been busy mending.

Friday, March 5, 2010

In like a LION....

March is said to come in like a LION and out like a LAMB.
Lets just hope that March does just that as the weather
has been very wintery this year.

Spirit and I are learning all about zoo animals. This
day we created these fun Lions after viewing a
powerpoint about Lions. You can download the
powerpoint here..

Our lion was created by cutting a large yellow heart
from construction paper, A small heart for his nose
and strips of paper cut for his mane. We had to use
all of our ABC magnets to get him to stay on our
refridgerator. We hope to have an entire zoo on there
by the end of next week.

We then went on a Lion hunt because one of the lions
was missing from the zoo... (similar to the bear hunt)

Going on a lion hunt. But I'm not afraid!'
Cause I'm smart and I'm strong
And I'm very, very brave.

[Recite 1st part]I see some grass.It's very tall grass.
Can't go over it.Can't go under it.Gotta go through it.
(Make noises by brushing palms together.

Repeat 1st Part]I see a tree.A very tall tree.
Can't go over it.Can't go under it.Gotta chop it down.
(Make chopping movements with hands.)

[Repeat 1st part]I see some mud.Ooey-gooey mud.
Can't go over it.Can't go under it.
Gotta go through it.
(Make squishy sounds with hands clasped together.)

[Repeat 1st part]I see a cave.A dark spooky cave.
Can't go over it.Can't go under it.
Gotta go inside it.(Wave open hands in front of eyes

[Repeat 1st part]I see something furry.
Something big and furry!
(SCREAM)It's a LION!! RUN!!!

Run out of the cave,
Through the mud puddle,
Over the chopped down tree,
Through the grassy place,
Run inside and slam the door.

SSShhewww we are safe..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easter Activities

It might seem early to be thinking about Easter but I have
to think about it right about now. Every year our church
holds Easter Fellowship activities for the children of our church.
Last weekend I spend it sorting eggs and putting them into plastic
baggies for the congregation to fill with goodies and return.
Sunday many families took the eggs to begin prepartions. It takes
me a month to have everything in its place. Besides our annual
egg hunt with about 2,000 eggs, we also have crafting activities
and a snack time. To begin preparing for the crafting I ask our
church family for donations. To help draw attention to our
Easter needs I created this board.

Each egg has a supply that is needed for the activities.
Under the egg is another egg. Families take the supply egg
off which is taped to the board. That top egg is for them to take
with them as a reminder. The bottom egg is left with the Supply
item, name of person getting the item, and their phone number.
I think this will work wonderfully in making sure that I get
the supplies that I need. Last year I had 12 packages of
napkins and only needed 1. My mind has been spinning with
other ideas to use a board such as this in our ministry. Maybe
for nursery helpers, Christmas crafting, and snack helpers.
If you have any other ideas please share.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet Peas Baptism

My little Sweet pea is 6 months old!!
She almost sits up now on her own. If she weren't
trying to rock back and forth she'd probably have it.
She loves playing in her exersaucer. She can busy
herself for hours at a time. She has also become very
aware of where mommy is. She will cry if I walk
past her without talking to her or picking her up. She
often cries for other family members until I take her .
She usually fusses for strangers it is a rare occurance for
someone she isn't fimilar with to be able to hold her.

Sunday April 28, Sweet Pea was baptised..
It was a beautiful occasion.

My mom took her in the early morning so I could still
handle my responsiblities at Grace. Mom brought her
to me all dressed and fed. She says that Sweet pea smiled
all over all morning and especially when she was dressed.
It was as if she knew the day was hers.

Mom also mentioned that she giggled when she pulled
some of her toys out. That she seemed to recognize
her little dolly. We were a little concerned in the
morning. Daddy had gotten his hair cut and beard trimmed
The night before. Sweet pea cried everytime he came near
her. We think she didn't recognize him but by the time
The baptism occured she seemed relaxed with the change.

The Pastors words touched my heart. That God would again
trust me with such a precious little one. The words seem to have
more meaning to me as the years have gone by. Probably
because my understanding of Gods word has grown as time
has passed. My eyes welled up with tears. I blinked to keep
them from falling.

We were suprised again that Sweet pea allowed
the Pastor to hold her during the ceremony. As he
prayed over her I saw her squirm and knew it wouldn't
be long till the tears came. He ended her prayer just in
time for me to stop the wailing. It was the most perfect
timing as Gods will is always perfect.

I was a little disappointed that a lot of our photos
with the pastor didn't come out as clear but I will print them
anyway for the memory. This was taken afterwards of me with
all of my children. (My step children weren't in attendance)
From left to right you have Me, with Sweet pea, Superboy,
Spirit in front of him, Heart and Princess. More photos to
come later. There were to many to add in one day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Daybook

Today is....
March 1, 2010

Outside My Window....
The sky is a grey-white. It is in the low 30's
They are calling for a little snow tonight only an inch

I am Thinking.....
about what little time I have to post lately. I have sooo many
ideas and so little time to sit here and post them. Hopefully
I can get to some this week but I know next week will be slower.

Health Care....

My cold sore is almost non exsistant. I am so glad for that.
I don't know why I get them but I do.

Daddy has had a lot of cramping in his legs last week. He
also has pain on his knee. Many years ago he had a motorcycle
accident. The Dr. thinks that with the fluid going into his legs as
it has been that the fluid might be getting stuck in his knee. It
can be painful to remove. If he still has pain by his next visit in
May he will have an X-ray and possible removal of the fluid.

From the learning rooms...

Pre Algebra Geometric shapes
Literature- Reading some classics
History- Inventors of the period
Science- Creation Science

Math- division dividing 4 digit numbers
Literature- Reading about Greece
History- Industrial Revolution
Science - Human body and the nervous system
(will be using a notebook I created one year for Co-op
and did with my daughter)

Working on the letters V, Y and Z
Valentines, Snow, and Zoo animals

From our kitchen...
Monday- Hamburger steaks, Twice baked potatoes, and corn
Tuesday- Roasted chicken, peas and mashed potatoes
Wednesday- Chicken pot pie
Thursday- tacos
Friday- Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, lima beans
Weekend leftovers.

I am wearing...
Black jeans, black dress shirt and socks.
Black is slimming.

I am creating...
A poster for Easterfellowship activities

I am hearing....
Baby fussing on occasion but she is playing too.
Just checked on her and lo and behold she was messy again.
4th diaper like it today. Hope she isn't getting sick.

Favorite things.....
My new van. I am going to leave my new
van up again for this week because it has been so
amazing to actually be able to have a radio, doors that open
and close ,windows that open and shut,
and just comfort that we didn't have before.

I am Thankful for..
An afternoon out with Spirit
Crystals Baptism
The calm I feel in my heart
The help my mom was during the baptism
A Clean house

I am praying for...
Daddy that his health continues to move upward.
Financial stability unemployment is scary
Friends whos daughter is attending a swim meet
she has Cerebral palsy
Princess for her testing at the Dr. Friday

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- School, Superboy Dental appointment
Tuesday- School , WIC appointment
Wednesday- School, Choir , Superboys 10th Brithday
Thursday- school, Cub Scouts , RTI
Friday- School , Princess Dr. appointment
Saturday- Friends Brithday party
Sunday- Church, Path

Photos I'd like to share...

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Rejoice in the Lord Always.