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Friday, December 17, 2010

Waiting for Something to Give or Creating your own Gift

I'd like to say things have settled down a bit but they really
have not. I try to keep life organized but I feel like I am always
catching up. Somehow though I try my best to enjoy each second.
My boss and friend actually told me she saw a pastor on TV
recently. He talked about sitting back and waiting for something
to change, for life to get better. When better is what you make
of it or how you perceive it. It is up to you to change your life.
Sure prayer helps you do that but praying and just sitting back
may not be what God wants from you. Maybe that prayer
in turn is an action you are to take. How would you know
that if you are still waiting and not looking with your eyes
wide open and your mind. I think of all the things that were
and are now. How before I was able to stay home with our
children and now I need to work some to make ends meet.
How different it is and how busy my days can be and filled with so
much activity and fun. Admittedly sometimes not so fun and tiring too.
I sometimes think of things that are to come , like an empty
house and old age. I revel in the moments of the here and now.
Possibly my gifts, my struggles are truly the Joy of God and Love
of God. Maybe you don't understand that with all the struggle
I love God more then I have ever imagined. He is my here
and now.

We went today to have Dad's hand looked at. The Dr. took
the big bandages away now. Leaving only large band aides
and a plastic thing that goes over the one finger. Next time
he goes he will need to have more X-rays. There is the possibility
that he will not need physical therapy but will always have
some pain in that hand. Especially as he ages. In case you
missed the entire incident dad cut his hand with a table saw
and thats the short version of the story.




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