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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Noahs Mural Art

The story of Noah is one many children have been
told. It is a tale of disobedience and obedience.
It is of truth, promise and Gods forgiving love.
We learned this day of Gods promise to us and our
promises to him. For this activity I had a group of
about 10 children. I told the story to the children
using a wooden Noah's ark boat with wooden animals
inside. My neighbor was going to throw it out but
I nabbed that little gem. Then each found an animal
to color that I had ben precut from a bible coloring book.
One child wished for dolphins so she created them.
They are located near the bottom left side of the ark.
Children can use the coloring templates or draw their
own animals. As they worked on coloring their pairs
I called a few at a time to help me create a beautiful
hand print ark across the mural. As they finished I
created another small group of helpers who worked
on the ark itself. My Superboy hand drew the ark on
large butcher paper and the other children helped
to color it in. We sat in awe at our board and prayed
by it. In silence we thought of our promises to God,
With a sharpie in hand each child went up and
wrote their promises. The children's ages varied
so they were endearing and some thought out.

I will eat all of my dinner.

I will trust God.

I will love God.

I will listen to my parents.

I will be a good boy.

I will pick up my toys.

I will believe forever.

What is your promise for the new
year and to God eternally?



  1. Oh, how precious! Mine would be to deepen my walk with God.


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