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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Time to share some of our holiday photos.

This is our Christmas Tree. Our children choose all of the
decorations and balls. This year we have a mix match of various
balls and colors. One day I'd like to have another tree besides
my angel tree for Grandpa. One that is all natural and everything
on it is made by us. I envision the wispy pines.

We have had a fabulous holiday. Above is Spirit with his
morning bed head. He was the first up and at the great
hour of 6 am.

Sweet pea here is practicing her Ohh aahh look.

Oh my look at this handsome guy in his new suit. Ignore the
mess from the gifts. You can also sort of see our small
school area there. With all the books and Princess' workbox is
right behind his head.

Sweet pea and heart putting their heads together.
So sweet the youngest and oldest.

Spirit with his Christmas gift from grandma.
I love how she decorated the packages this year.
Each got a big surprise !!

And then the excitement....
Spirit got a learning center leappad.

Superboy got his covetted Wii.

Princess got a flat screen for her bedroom. (all smiles there)

For my college bound girl a new laptop. Sweet pea got an
adorable doll house. Thanks So much Grammy for making
their Christmas so special .

We even got a chance to spend the day with our
Bird and his mom. We made a big meal right after Christmas
and the kids played together.

Hope you had a blessed holiday.


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