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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Ready...

What do you think of our Poinsettia pictures. I had
to block out their names in paint program but they were so fun
and easy to make. We didn't have as much time to
work on crafts and holiday fun as I had planned .

Today we spent the day cleaning up. Talk about last
minute getting things done this year. The kids are
still cleaning up their areas. I need to work in my room
when sweet pea takes a nap. I have to clean up and
wrap some more gifts. Most are already done. I also
took the time to clean out our schoolroom. My hope
is to have things planned and ready for the new year.
Way before the race of work and school begins again.
Luckily I have off work till after the new year.

Superboy is learning the ropes on how to clean up.
I had him clean up him and Spirits workbench play
area. I had to have him redo it 4 times. Giving new
direction each time and thinking he would have it this
time. After Christmas we will work on his room yet again
doing the same things. Since the realization is that he has
no idea how to clean. It's time he learns. There well be
much supervision and work on moms part.

Sweet pea over our little holiday break will be finally
transitioning from bottle to cup. So far she is doing fine
with it with only using the bottle for naps and bedtime. This
should have been done long already but no time like the
present to get it done.

I feel so bad that I didn't get the things I wanted to
get posted here. I guess I am going to have to resign
to the fact that this will have to be a once in awhile
blog because life is so busy. Maybe one day soon
things will change a bit but for now this is the season
of life I am in. So once in awhile will have to do.

Well off to take a break and watch it's a wonderful life.


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