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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family update

The holiday is just flying right by me. I have not had
time to really enjoy it. I miss being at home and our
quiet days. I'm not even sure I remember what those are.
I spent the afternoon today wrapping everything. I think it's
done but you know it's not. I am always wrapping something
last minute. Dad is at the moment making cookies with the
kids. I decided to sneak off and stop in with my little blog.

Dad's hand seems to be doing fairly well. He has an appointment
Friday for them to look it over. I am hoping that it is healing
as it should. We will know more then. I am astounded at the cost
of the gauze and gauze pads per how much he needs each time
to keep the area clean. We spent over $60. just last week on
the necessary supplies. I hope to have time this week to find a
more reasonable place than rite aid. At times he has tried to
do to much and has caused it to open some what again. I scold
him for this. Sweet pea of course it interested in the wrapped
up appendage. She has gone to wearing a sock on her hand like
dad. The kids say it looks like and oven mitt and we have joked
about gluing wiggle eyes to it like a puppet.

Work is going easily now. Just when I have gotten into a routine
the bad weather hits. I hate driving in the stuff. Now I
almost feel a bit of a panic when I have to drive in it. It has been
probably 5 years since I have had to drive in the mess. Typically
we had the luxury of just staying home. Again I miss that.

Sweet pea has been sick this week which again limited my
blog time to nothing. She was so fussy and her poor little eyes
were a mess with an infection. I took her to the doctor about
the infection and came out with the knowledge that she also
had an upper respiratory viral infection , sore throat and the
eye infection. I had not idea about the others. She only seemed
to have a slightly stuffed up nose and she was eating fine.

We are managing school as well which is a feat on its own.
Both children are doing swimmingly. Superboy has been
really working on his reading skills. Now to motivate that
writing. Princess has impressed me this year with all the correct
answers. Typically it takes her several tries to understand
somethings. It is just like the light finally came on and she
understands. Spirit and I have only done a little work
together because of work and everything I have narrowed
his time to a story and activity with the story. With
letter games and number games sprinkled in. That is all
I can muster and really it's all he needs. We have stuck to
a strict schedule otherwise things wouldn't work .

Well off to snuggle with sweet pea. I think she's getting
a little tired again.



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