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Friday, December 24, 2010

Count Down to Christmas

Yep, I am way late in posting this but maybe an idea
for you to use next year. A friend had given us this
December Calendar as a countdown. It has little
pockets for your treat to be placed inside. I created
a calendar in word and added my activites for each day.
Then I printed out 2 calendars. One as a reference for
me and one to cut apart and put in our pockets. Below
are the activities I choose for our Calendar. You can
use ideas that work best for your family. To be honest
with our little emergency room visit many of these
were pushed to the side but I will have this as a reference
for next year. :)

Dec. 1- Make Cocoa with crushed mint on top
and cool whip
Dec. 2- Dance with scarves to holiday songs
Dec. 3- Co-op Christmas party (which we missed
because of dads hand)
Dec. 4- Family Christmas party
Dec. 5- FROGs Youth Christmas party
Dec. 6- Make Marble mice and decoarte with
a holiday theme. Marble Mice , Blank Marble Mice
Dec. 7- Read A Christmas Story childs choice
Dec. 8th- Write letter to Santa
Dec. 9th-Read Mark 1 :1-8 and Dove Holding an Olive Leaf
Dec. 10- Christmas Cafe at our church
Dec. 11- Make teacher gifts for Sunday school
pre purchased at oriental trading
Dec. 12-SGRPRC Christmas party (work party
all family invited)
Dec. 13-Read The Crippled Lamb, Sheep Paper plate craft
Dec. 14- Eat a candy cane
Dec. 15- Read a Merry christmas Curious George
Cut out a paper tree and decorate your own with
glitter, sequins and pom poms
Dec. 16th- Read Luke 1: 26-28, Angel craft
Dec. 17th- Snowman hunt. Children get clues
to find our frosty stuffed snowman. Then we
watch the movie.
Dec. 18th- Create Holiday cards for nursing homes
Dec. 19th- Christmas caroling at nursing home
and deliver cards
Dec. 20- Decorate a gingerbread man from
craft foam. Use various supplies for decorating.
Dec. 21- Read Matthew 1:18-24, Baby Jesus envelope craft
Dec. 22- Read Luke 2: 1-5 ,Wear Crazy holiday socks
Dec. 23 Isaiah 9:1-6, Make popcicle stick star ornament
Dec. 24th- Read twas the night before Christmas and
attend Christmas eve services
Dec. 25th- Hide a baby in the house for children to find.
Merry christmas !

Have a Happy Christmas EVE!!



  1. Hi Nikki! I just found your blog from yahoo workbox group. You have a wonderful blog and a beautiful family. I look forward to following you.


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