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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 and Goals for 2011

Another year has just about passed by. I am
so grateful for the time with my family, time is
fleeting. The older I get the more I realize how important
the little things are. Much has changed and much has stayed
the same. Sweet pea has grown so much this year. She
has changed from a tiny little baby with big wide eyes.

To a toddling wide eyed toddler. She has learned to
talk, walk, play like a big girl and sneak into
things she isn't supposed to have. She is
my little Angel with horns. My plan was originally
to add in some tot school but sweet pea wasn't
ready for any formal play. The other day I took out
some clothes pins and a jar. She played for quite
sometime. She also has found the magnet drawing
boards and loves to draw and erase it. So I think
she might be ready for some markers or crayons and
some Tot school play.

Sweet Peas Goals for 2011-

-Get Completely away from Her bottle only drinking
from a sippy cup.
-Begin a little tot school
- at some point probably potty training. She is
already bringing me diapers when she is wet
and points when she has gone.
-spend lots of time reading together.

We also had two first birthdays this year.
Sweet pea brought in her new year with the
silliness only she can muster.

Our Grandson baby Bird who started his next year
with his utter cuteness.

Princess has grown and changed too. She is so much the lady
and raging with teen age angst. She has gone through
several boyfriends this year. Despite the fact that
I'm not ready for it. I'd like it to wait a little longer.
Keep the dolls in the boxes and the little girl smile
but I know that the time has come. Luckily all of her
first likes have come from our church family.

This is the newest one (Below). At least he has some sense of
humor. Oh and for those friends out there that are concerned
their relationship is facebook, phone calls and youth group.

Princess has come so far in her academics this year. She does
much of it on her own with little guidance from me thanks
to the workbox system. She is writing more clearly and
beginning to understand directions a little more. In fact
she is reading at a 12th grade reading level. Her
comprehension is at a 6th grade level. Recently we
just did some testing so I'm hoping all that has improved.

Princess' Goals for 2011:

-Work on reading comprehension
-Improve spelling skills
-Continue to build her self esteem and
push through her anxiety at trying new things.

Superboy has become quite the character. His humor
and art abilities have just grown considerably. His
new fashion statements come and go. They can be rather
interesting at times. He learns from them and moves on. He
has improved in his reading skills and I can't wait for testing
results to see how much he has improved. He continues to
excel in math and is a grade level ahead.

Superboys Goals for 2011:
-Keeping his space clean and organized
-Begin to work more on lessons alone
- Learn how to better manage his time
- Continue improving reading skills
- Work on improving writing

Spirit has been learning and growing too. We haven't had
a lot of time for formal pre k but with things thrown
in here and there he has been learning with leaps and bounds.
The picture below is of him and heart at a steam and
engine show. He was able to ride on a train and visit
with some farm animals. I think his fascination with trains
has seemed to wain a bit and has turned to construction
trucks and what they do. His needy sister often
encompasses much of moms time but he has a laid
back approach to her.

Spirits Goals for 2011:

-Learn to count to 20
-Recognize his ABC and their sounds
(pretty much can do this already)
-Learn a little self control
-For mom- spend more time with Spirit

Heart has changed some too but not as much as the others.
She Graduated from high school and got a job working at
a pizza restaurant. She is still dating the same boy going on
3 years now.

Hearts Goals for her for 2011:

-Begin college Hopefully the one she is wishing for
-Get drivers licence

2010 was full of trials too...

Daddy and I have gone through a few things. Medically he is
doing much better. As long as we can continue to afford
his medical needs. His heart failure seems to be healing
somewhat. He can drink (fluids) a little more than he could at the
beginning and we really watch his salt and caffine intake.
I feel like the food police sometimes but its for his own good.
Then as some of you know he cut his hand with a table saw
a few months ago. His Diabetes is under control and the
healing has gone rather smoothly. He cannot completely
bend his fingers into a fist and we aren't sure he will
ever be able to do that. (Dominate hand)

We did lose our medical insurance and it looks like he
is permanently laid off. His hand did bring a blessing in
that we may be eligible for a discount with the hospital
for his medicine. I just wish it didn't take a 5,000 dollar
visit to tell us that. He is also working with an special
agency to find work with his disablities and signed up for
the foot in door program. We are in tier 3 now with his
unemployment which can be pretty scary since the
president has to ok it all the time. With the foot in door
program he should have work by April or May God willing.

Changes for me and the family have been huge.
I have had to get a part time job to suppliment our income.
I am hoping to continue homeschool next year but
it all depends on the foot and door. I didn't want to
utterly change my childrens lives if we didnt have to so
I got this part time job doing before and after care at
the elementary school. It can be difficult to juggle
home, school and work. I imagine that things may
get harder as time goes. My decisions now are just
as important as they will be later. Its a heavy weight
that I have given to God. I have learned a lot in that
I can't just wait for God. Sometimes you have to
get up and make your own life because God may just
be waiting on you.

Goals 2010 almost seem
silly now. Yet amazingly I accomplished some of them.
I managed to read several chapters of my bible and
Planned some fabulous co-op lessons. I did add
much more chaos to my life which wasn't part of keeping
life simple. I added 2 Bible classes at our co-op and
a service project coordinator. I no long do our youth
activities regularly its more sporatic as I feel I can
and I added a new group called FROGS for elementary
children at our church . However this meets once
a month instead of the every other week like
the J-train group. I do have work to add the the
mix too. Which includes paper work, lessons plans,
gym activities and loves and hugs. (which is the easy part)
These things I enjoy.

I did manage the clean as I have time goal but more time than
not I dont have time to clean. The kids and dad do much
of the cleaning and cooking. I squeeze in what I can
to take some of it from them. In fact over our holiday
break it has felt so wonderful to do those things that I once
wasn't sure I liked, Like washing dishes or hanging clothes.

Eating healthier has been a major proirity and one we
really have no choice on. There is always room for
improvement. Unfortunatly I probably eat the least
healthy of the entire family since I am coming and
going all the time with work and Hearts work. I often
eat alone later at night in the kitchen or grab
something between our lessons. I hope to try to
watch more what I am eating. We did mange a
walking challenge with the family when the weather
was warmer and we reached our goal of walking
to a nearby town. Possibly this summer we will try
a new challenge and a new walking goal.

Having time to create was my last goal. I didn't have
time for that and have resigned to the fact that it's
not the season of life for that. My time is more focused
on family and I didn't miss this like I thought I would.

Goals for 2011

- Dad Find work that matches his ability
- Create goals for mine and childrens futures
-read more of my bible
-eat healthier

2010 has been a wild ride.



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