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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week of Wonder....

Hi everyone. It has been one crazy week again. I barely have time
for my little blog but just can't give up my love of writing. (even
if I'm not so good at it. ) When I finally did get to visit here I found
my blog had a few errors. So I have changed to a plain template
at the moment. I hope to tweak it a bit this weekend and make it
my own. I'm not as good with blogger as I was with my other templates.

Work is going great. The kids are beginning to get into the swing of
things. We had a sparks gym person come yesterday and I loved how
she incoorporated music with gym time. They loved it and it kept
them moving. Might be an idea for those gymtime co-ops. The
children also came up with the idea to make a paper chain of all the
things they are thankful for. They have at the moment 400 links. I
am beginning to not know what to do with it.

Home education here is speeding by. My children are working
hard everyday. Superboy started a 5th grade math book. It is
new and different. We haven't decided yet if we like it. His
language and grammar is new too and has been a bit of a struggle
adjusting to it. Our home is a mess. I need to get to that as soon
as I can, but Saturday is our church bazaar and I have some things
I have to get done. Well off to work. Have a great day.



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