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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sick but not Out, Old by not to Grey

I missed all of you out there this week. I am catching up
today on blogs. Taking it easy. I have really run myself down
and that cold I was keeping at bay finally hit me. I had
to just keep pushing through going to work and taking care
of our home. Then a co-worker suggested I try Cold-eeze.
Cold-eeze is proven to reduce your cold by days. Now I don't
normally like to take anything when I am sick. I typically
can pass illness by while others catch everything. I have
been around a lot of sick children for many years, my immune
is fairly good. When I do get something it hangs around for weeks
and usually ends up turning into broncitis. I knew it was coming
and I hate knowing the symptoms. I was really down but
I tried these and in 2 days I was over it. I still sort of have a
cough if I go out in the cold but I really believe I got better faster
because of these cold-eeze. Anyway just wanted to recommend
them for anyone else having cold issues. They worked for me.

Yesterday, Nov. 5 was my 38th birthday. My co-worker Jess
showed up with a piece of cake and a card. She really
surprised me since she doesn't even work at the time she came.
My bossed called and wished me happy birthday and my other
co-worker Brenda bought me some things to stay warm this winter.
Our co-op group gave me a card with all their signatures. I love
how warm that group is feeling. Then my mom , dad and the
kids had a little party at moms house. Heart out did herself.
I love her for making me feel special that day and everyday.
Oh and not to forget mentioning facebook friends. You guys are

Hoping to get a few things done today and resting too.


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