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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Political Views

I just want to say right now before I post this that I have
no idea where I stand on the political front. It is so hard to
choose someone who's views match your own when typically
only a few of the things a politician might say matches your views.
Even then you aren't sure if its the honest truth or it's someone sifting
for votes. I don't feel right being placed in one party because
my views aren't always in one spot. I may be unsure where I
politically stand but I do know one thing. I am tired
of hearing things that I believe a politician probably has
absolutely no idea about other than statistics and what
they have read. Now don't get me wrong reading is a good
thing. I am the teacher of my children after all but because I
am a teacher I also know that experienceing something
is more profound than you can imagine. Now here is what I
want to say. I want someone in office who knows. Who has
really been there and remembers. Someone who had to work
hard to get where they are but also knows it is not always
possibly for everyone to meet that American Dream.

Quite frankly I am tired of hearing people complain about
welfare and food stamps. I hear things like

"Those people just need to get a job."
"We should regulate the food they can buy."
"I could do so much if I had that money."
I am tired of lazy people, they need to work."

Seriously lets just take the poors rights completely away since..
well they are poor right. Seriously ....? Why should they matter?
(Place Sarcasm here) If you have not been there then I don't
really want to hear this .

Let me ask you .. Have you ever had to lay your sweet baby
on a floor because you had no bed for them? Have you ever
walked the streets only to be denied a job because of lack of
education but you can't afford to be educated. Possibly even
you were passed right through the system without an education.
Have you ever had to feed your child a can of green beans for
dinner because that is all you had. Now imagine that child who
has food stamps available to them and can have a snack just
like his neighbor and possibly feel a little more normal for
one afternoon. You have no idea the system before you. The
humiliation of having to apply. Being talked down to as if you
are unintelligent because you are poor. Never mind if you miss
one line on that form and loose your benefits as a punishment
for that month. What a punishment.... We take the food from
these children's mouths because of a blank box. I know it has
to be regulated in someway but wow...

And never mind all this hoopla over health care. I don't
know what is right but until you have been there.. You don't know.
What would it be like for you if you were expecting and you had
to be herded like cattle and weighed in during a check up. Where
your choice is really no choice at all. Your teeth ache but you
will need to pull it with pliers because you don't qualify for help.
What about a spouse who relies on his medicine for life but you
can't afford it. Really think about that. Your spouse would die
without it. Sure I hear you, you would do what it takes to get it
right? You would just get a job? For some none of this is an option
and the cost of health care with out insurance can be untouchable.
They can't work because of their health. No one will hire them.
What is wrong with helping each other. Our we so tied up that
we can't see past our own needs. What of the needs of others.

I don't have all the answers. I don't know what the people
in office should do but I just ask that you do a little more listening
and a lot less judging. Do one good thing for someone else. The other
day a friend of mine and her husband were going out, going through
the drive through at a fast food resturant. They have been
struggling day in and out. They ordered food.
The man in front of them paid for their meal. No questions
he just passed it along . He gave to someone
he didn't know. How hard is it for us to pull the blinds away
and give in to Gods love. To love one another . Please
pass it along we are all stuggling. If you have a gift share it.

God bless,



  1. I understand where you are coming from. My husband and I don't have health care. We pay out of pocket when we go to the doctor. We don't have dental insurance and we have to come up with $3,300 for one of our daughters to have braces. When that's paid for, the other daughter has to have them. I don't mind the poor people having food stamps at all and being helped by the government. My problem is that the drug dealers are getting food stamps. I see people in line at the grocery store, dressed to the hilt in gold, carts loaded down with junk food-cokes, ice cream, bags of cookies and candy, not healthy food like canned goods, meat, bread, milk, etc. I see them get into large expensive cars and drive away. That's where I have a problem. I agree with you about some not being able to work or not being able to find a job. These people do need the help. The government has made it very easy for some to make more staying at home, then going out to work. My husband's employer is always looking for someone to hire. Men come in and put their applications in from these temporary places and when they are called, they don't want the jobs. Something's wrong with that. Who doesn't want to work and make money for their families? There are some and we all know them, that sell their food stamps. I'm not sure what the government can do about this. We have some friends that have twins, expecting a third child, doesn't have a permanent job, moves from place to place and gets food stamps. He doesn't go out looking for a good job. He just takes what he can find at the moment, such as construction, selling shrimp, etc. He relies on the government to take care of his family. He's 21 and doesn't have a care in the world.

    It is very humiliating to apply for food stamps. We've done it. People do look down on you. They look you over and a lot of times what they see determines whether you get anything.

    My oldest daughter's boyfriend doesn't have a good job. He does odd jobs for a man he knows. If it rains, he doesn't work. He is lazy! He lays up in the bed all day sleeping, running around with his friends and doing who knows what. I don't feel sorry for him, when he doesn't have anything to eat. He doesn't want a job. He likes the idea of my daughter taking care of him. I feel sorry for my daughter, but I can't make her leave him. She applied for food stamps and was turned down, because her boyfriend lives with her and won't work. She was told at work, that if she had a child, that she could get all the benefits.

    My brother works at a nursing home with a lot of women that are single moms. They are mostly black. They have told him that they have children to get more benefits. They have told him that they don't take care of their children, they just have them to get the benefits. There's definitely something wrong with the way things are being done, but again, I don't have the answers.

    If you haven't been there, then you have no idea what others are going through.

    I think we should all do something for the less fortunate. We receive a blessing when we do. Take unwanted things to the Red Cross or other organizations. Pick a poor family to provide Christmas dinner for this year or presents for the family. There's just so much you can do to make things better for another family.


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