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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Stellaluna is an adorable story of a little bat who becomes
separated from his mother and doesn't know what he is.
The little bat stays with a family of birds and tries to adapt to
his new life but finds it difficult because of his slight differences.
You will have to read the story with your child to find out if
Stellaluna finds out who he really is.

Spirit and I have been working hard on activities and I wanted
to slow things down for us. We went back to reading stories
and doing little activities with them. We created this
cut bat cup to go along with the story. (Sorry my photo
is so washed out) I bought black cups at the dollar store.
The glitter paper I found at our local craft store. I cut the
pieces for Spirit although he is getting quite proficient at
cutting but he is still rather slow. The bats smile is a
moon sticker that we had gotten from a foam sticker pack
also from the dollar store.

We also played some math games using

Mathwire's Bat Theme page. I even used this one in
after care during homework time.

For your older students I found a
Stellaluna Unit study and Lapbook

and Bird or Bat worksheet

Have a Batty Day,



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