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Monday, October 25, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...
October 25, 2010
(Sorry, no graphic to beautify my blog today. My
favorite laptop crashed so I need to adjust to this one. )

Outside My Window....
The sky is grey. the weatherman is calling for rain till Wed.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - Spent most of Saturday grocery shopping and
working on lessons plans as usual. This week was particular hard
because of the laptop going. Hopefully it will get repaired quickly
and my things wont be lost. Many of my favorites are gone too.
I am hoping they appear little by little as I go.

Sunday services and nursery. Woke up with a
stiff neck and shoulder. Spent the afternoon laying down
and resting it. It made me sick to my stomach as the day went.
(feeling much better today)

Health Care....
News News News....
I have new news about Dads job rehabilitation. He finally
had another meeting with them. They are to call in the next
few weeks to make his eye appointment. He was signed up
in what is called the foot in door program. The idea behind it
is that the state will pay half of his wages just to get him working
somewhere with his job restrictions. After that first year then
it becomes the employers responsibility. At least that is how
I understood it from daddy. However it takes at least 6 months
to be placed. His unemployment ends in 6 months so we can
only pray for a continuation or his foot in the door. Some news
is better than no news.

Sweet pea and Spirit have been sick lately. Both with
stuffy noses. Now I think today that Superboy is getting it too.
I honestly am surprised I haven't gotten it yet since I am so
worn down but somehow I am still going.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4-
This week I have reorganized Spirits lessons. I feel as if I
have been pushing him a little to hard and want to step back
and remember what I believe will work. So I have begun doing
storys with a few activities per day with lost of playtime.

Superboy age 10- Finishing up last years work and
we are excited to move into this years things
+ Barton reading a spelling program.

Princess age 13- Pre Alg. Square roots and exponents
Working through our History of Us and is learning about
World War 1 .

I am wearing...
Black jeans and red workshirt.

I am creating...
playdough for the kids to play with. It's so sticky
though. Not sure what I did wrong. I might try another

I am hearing ...
Kids in the kitchen

Favorite things.....
Tacky glue great for Crafting

I am Thankful for...

All the wonderful fruits and vegtables we got a market this week.

Craft time

Smell of pumpkin playdough

Sleep I was able to get yesterday. I think I slept
enough for all the time I missed last week.

I am praying for...


Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Staff meeting , Heart starts her new Job Today!
Tuesday- Special reading sessions for Superboy
Wed. -DEAR (read a thon for Haiti)
Thursday- Superboys Touch math session
Friday- Session for Barton and book-it turned in for Oct.
Sunday- Sunday school, nursery and Halloween

(Missing my signature too. Ughh Computers)


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