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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Leaf ABC's

I created a fun fall game for Spirit to play to help
with his letter recognition. I cut leaf shapes from construction
paper and attached a paper clip to each. You then can
write the ABC's on each leaf, all capital letters for our game.
Spirit used a magnet on a string to catch the leaves. This
magnet was actually from a puzzle he has with fish on them.
I have used it for many magnet games.

After catching the leaf. Spirit finds the match on the fall tree map,
which I made from a file folder . I drew a tree and then add the
ABC's all around. Spirit lays a chip on each letter to complete his
fall tree. He had such an easy time of it that I think I'll create a tree
with lower case letters for him to match with his upper case leaves.

Spirit really enjoyed this activity and has asked for it
several times since.


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