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Friday, October 15, 2010


I am so thoroughly exhausted. It has been such
a long week this week. I can feel that I am wearing
down and probably will have some sort of cold. I have
felt for days now that I was going to get something but
today I have an annoying cough and on occasion my nose
is stuffed up. If its coming I wish it would and get it over
with. My whole body aches... every muscle. I don't know
if I will be able to sleep or if I am over tired.

Work was a little difficult this week. The children were
picking at one another more than usual. It can
be emotionally tiring more than physical.

Here on the home front my children are doing great
with their homeschool. I have been wanting to create
a post for you of all the things we have modified and kept
the same. Our school is always changing. I am so happy
with all that Superboy is doing to improve
his writing and reading skills. He has really been working
"Super" hard. I am not happy about Princess reading time
but we will talk about that more in another post.

Sweet pea has been changing too and I really need
to upload some adorable photos of her. She runs
around at times and is climbing now on the furniture.

If you read earlier this week about our court hearing , well
It was postponed. I was so mad we waited and waited and
missed so many things . Then it turned out that is will
be postponed till December. Sigh.. I just want it done.
It has created so much stress for our family as it is. I just
don't understand. Once it's done I will tell you all about it.
We have had to make some very hard decisions.

Anyway... Daddy also has been frustrated. Mostly
with my schedule. I virtually have no down time. He
doesn't want that for me/us. He at times wants to throw
in the towel with his rehabilitation and just take a job.
I keep reminding him that physically he can not do what
he did before that is why I chose to work and school in
the first place in the way that I am doing things. Oh I
am not going to say it is easy especially after this week
but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

I no longer pray for something to change or for better. I pray for
the roof over our heads, the food in the refrigerator,
and the clothing on our backs. I am so grateful to God
just to have those for my babies. Do I think there is an
end in site? No honestly not for a long time. I have learned
a lot and respect many things I took for granted.

God is so awesome and wonderful.
Sharing some homeschool things soon.


  1. Nikki just want to encourage you to keep up all the love you show your family. I know they will do great things. I have an award for you, Versitile Blog. Please accept it from my heart to yours!

    Mrs. Mandy


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