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Friday, October 29, 2010

Driving and Driving...

This week is almost over. Driving, and Driving and
Driving is where I feel like I spend a lot of my day. I
know its not true but for a person who likes to be home
it feels like that's all I am doing. Heart got a job working
at a new pizza resturant. She seems to like it but looks
really tired this week. Its all new I know. She works from
3 to 10pm which makes for a late night for me who gets up
about 4:30 every morning to start my day. I sometimes have
to take a power nap over lunch and usually miss eating anything.
Sometimes I eat while Superboy is reading his history to me.
I'm trying to keep myself healthy since everyone is
relying on me in some way shape or form.

School is going well even with all that is on my plate.
Superboy just seems to be finally finally picking things up
in his reading . Even his writing looks to me as if it is
improving. I was concerned for awhile that that wouldn't
happen. He seemed to be stalled at one level of ability.
It feels good to see him improving and is great for his
self esteem. Despite the fact that we have only been in
school about a month now, I feel like we never stopped.
We are all focused on what needs done and it is moving
along like a well oiled machine. I'd love to have time for
the small things ,fun things that are important too.
Usually those are the things we don't get to too often
anymore. Maybe twice a week.

My job has been going well too, except that this week
I checked my bank account and no pay. So I called in and
they recalled seeing my time sheet. I'm not sure what
happened to it. No harm done I was able to get a live check
today. Which is a good since some of my bills are due.

This weekend we have a lot to get done. We have
a funeral on Saturday (A great Aunt) and Halloween is Sunday.

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