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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Court, Work and School

I really am here I promise.....

This week has been really busy. We are on call for our
court hearing with the person who took our money. It is
difficult to think of this person because they are a family
member. I am surprised by the entire system in that we
have to be available as witnesses for 2 weeks . We have
absolutely no idea when they will call. All of it is really
out of our hands despite what this family member may
think. The DA has all the say in it. We are required by law
to appear because of the gravity of the crime. All we
can do is sit back and pray for the individual and hope
beyond hope that this person gets some help or at least
attempts to make restitution.

It has been a rough few days for me. I thought I had
gotten used to the job and leaving the kids only to have
it bite at me again. I know that this is all Gods plan
because I felt so lead to take the job. Financial strains
still pull at us. We are by no means out of the woods. I realized
today that it is about 1 year now that Daddy has had his
heart condition. It feels still new to me. We are all
adjusting. Some days I think I just want our lives back
yet I know they will never be that way again. I took
so many things for granted. I will never do that again.
I am always aware of my children and enjoy every smile.
I thought I had done that before but not as real as it is now.

Our school is still getting done despite all that is going
on. I impliemented a few new things. We aren't doing
much of our fun craftly stuff but our basics are done and
that is what matters. I think the kids do miss it some.
I really am missing playing games with them and just
chatting without the school demands. Most days I only
see them during the demanding time of day and at night
when we are hustling to get 5 baths in. I feel all I am at
the moment is children. Children at work, My sweet babies,
children of friends, Children at church, children at co-op
and children in our new FROGS group. It is soooo much
planning but somehow I am still hanging in.

Not much time for chatting. I better get going and
create our clubs for tomorrows after and before care.


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