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Friday, October 29, 2010

Driving and Driving...

This week is almost over. Driving, and Driving and
Driving is where I feel like I spend a lot of my day. I
know its not true but for a person who likes to be home
it feels like that's all I am doing. Heart got a job working
at a new pizza resturant. She seems to like it but looks
really tired this week. Its all new I know. She works from
3 to 10pm which makes for a late night for me who gets up
about 4:30 every morning to start my day. I sometimes have
to take a power nap over lunch and usually miss eating anything.
Sometimes I eat while Superboy is reading his history to me.
I'm trying to keep myself healthy since everyone is
relying on me in some way shape or form.

School is going well even with all that is on my plate.
Superboy just seems to be finally finally picking things up
in his reading . Even his writing looks to me as if it is
improving. I was concerned for awhile that that wouldn't
happen. He seemed to be stalled at one level of ability.
It feels good to see him improving and is great for his
self esteem. Despite the fact that we have only been in
school about a month now, I feel like we never stopped.
We are all focused on what needs done and it is moving
along like a well oiled machine. I'd love to have time for
the small things ,fun things that are important too.
Usually those are the things we don't get to too often
anymore. Maybe twice a week.

My job has been going well too, except that this week
I checked my bank account and no pay. So I called in and
they recalled seeing my time sheet. I'm not sure what
happened to it. No harm done I was able to get a live check
today. Which is a good since some of my bills are due.

This weekend we have a lot to get done. We have
a funeral on Saturday (A great Aunt) and Halloween is Sunday.

Still need to create a signature.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Stellaluna is an adorable story of a little bat who becomes
separated from his mother and doesn't know what he is.
The little bat stays with a family of birds and tries to adapt to
his new life but finds it difficult because of his slight differences.
You will have to read the story with your child to find out if
Stellaluna finds out who he really is.

Spirit and I have been working hard on activities and I wanted
to slow things down for us. We went back to reading stories
and doing little activities with them. We created this
cut bat cup to go along with the story. (Sorry my photo
is so washed out) I bought black cups at the dollar store.
The glitter paper I found at our local craft store. I cut the
pieces for Spirit although he is getting quite proficient at
cutting but he is still rather slow. The bats smile is a
moon sticker that we had gotten from a foam sticker pack
also from the dollar store.

We also played some math games using

Mathwire's Bat Theme page. I even used this one in
after care during homework time.

For your older students I found a
Stellaluna Unit study and Lapbook

and Bird or Bat worksheet

Have a Batty Day,


Monday, October 25, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...
October 25, 2010
(Sorry, no graphic to beautify my blog today. My
favorite laptop crashed so I need to adjust to this one. )

Outside My Window....
The sky is grey. the weatherman is calling for rain till Wed.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - Spent most of Saturday grocery shopping and
working on lessons plans as usual. This week was particular hard
because of the laptop going. Hopefully it will get repaired quickly
and my things wont be lost. Many of my favorites are gone too.
I am hoping they appear little by little as I go.

Sunday services and nursery. Woke up with a
stiff neck and shoulder. Spent the afternoon laying down
and resting it. It made me sick to my stomach as the day went.
(feeling much better today)

Health Care....
News News News....
I have new news about Dads job rehabilitation. He finally
had another meeting with them. They are to call in the next
few weeks to make his eye appointment. He was signed up
in what is called the foot in door program. The idea behind it
is that the state will pay half of his wages just to get him working
somewhere with his job restrictions. After that first year then
it becomes the employers responsibility. At least that is how
I understood it from daddy. However it takes at least 6 months
to be placed. His unemployment ends in 6 months so we can
only pray for a continuation or his foot in the door. Some news
is better than no news.

Sweet pea and Spirit have been sick lately. Both with
stuffy noses. Now I think today that Superboy is getting it too.
I honestly am surprised I haven't gotten it yet since I am so
worn down but somehow I am still going.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4-
This week I have reorganized Spirits lessons. I feel as if I
have been pushing him a little to hard and want to step back
and remember what I believe will work. So I have begun doing
storys with a few activities per day with lost of playtime.

Superboy age 10- Finishing up last years work and
we are excited to move into this years things
+ Barton reading a spelling program.

Princess age 13- Pre Alg. Square roots and exponents
Working through our History of Us and is learning about
World War 1 .

I am wearing...
Black jeans and red workshirt.

I am creating...
playdough for the kids to play with. It's so sticky
though. Not sure what I did wrong. I might try another

I am hearing ...
Kids in the kitchen

Favorite things.....
Tacky glue great for Crafting

I am Thankful for...

All the wonderful fruits and vegtables we got a market this week.

Craft time

Smell of pumpkin playdough

Sleep I was able to get yesterday. I think I slept
enough for all the time I missed last week.

I am praying for...


Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Staff meeting , Heart starts her new Job Today!
Tuesday- Special reading sessions for Superboy
Wed. -DEAR (read a thon for Haiti)
Thursday- Superboys Touch math session
Friday- Session for Barton and book-it turned in for Oct.
Sunday- Sunday school, nursery and Halloween

(Missing my signature too. Ughh Computers)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Leaf ABC's

I created a fun fall game for Spirit to play to help
with his letter recognition. I cut leaf shapes from construction
paper and attached a paper clip to each. You then can
write the ABC's on each leaf, all capital letters for our game.
Spirit used a magnet on a string to catch the leaves. This
magnet was actually from a puzzle he has with fish on them.
I have used it for many magnet games.

After catching the leaf. Spirit finds the match on the fall tree map,
which I made from a file folder . I drew a tree and then add the
ABC's all around. Spirit lays a chip on each letter to complete his
fall tree. He had such an easy time of it that I think I'll create a tree
with lower case letters for him to match with his upper case leaves.

Spirit really enjoyed this activity and has asked for it
several times since.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Simple Women's daybook

Today is...
October 18, 2010

Outside My Window....
The sun is shining. The leaves are beginning to change color.
The air is crisp and cool. It is feeling like Autumn in PA.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - Worked on lessons and Cleaned up the house some
This pretty much took the entire Saturday.

Sunday services and nursery.

Health Care....

Not much new. Sweet pea has had a fever.
Not sure if it is along with her stuffy nose or has
to do with the molars coming in.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4-
Fall Activities, Bats and Spiders

Superboy age 10- Finished reading Pipi Long Stocking. Learning
about World war 1 and working on spelling skills in
Barton reading a spelling program. We have also added
our fluency checks again.

Princess age 13- Pre Alg. Square roots and exponents
Working through our History of Us and is also learning about
World War 1 at at different level.

I am wearing...
Black jeans and gray shirt

I am creating...
Halloween fun.

I am hearing ...
Babies squeaky bottle

Favorite things.....
Black paper cups from the dollar store. Actually I like all
of the colored items. They make for fun crafts.

I am Thankful for...

Time on the laptop today. PC time is far and
few these days and it's something I enjoy.

Fall colors

Craft fun with the kids.

I am praying for...

Two of my dearest friends who both have had shortness
of breath .

Healing for both friends above + one and Daddy.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Read a thon information
Tuesday- Special reading Tuesday- Extra practice in Vocab. (Superboy)
Thursday- Superboys Touch math session, special Barton Session
Friday- Co-op activities , Halloween party with family
Sunday- Sunday school, nursery and Youth group
Friday, October 15, 2010


I am so thoroughly exhausted. It has been such
a long week this week. I can feel that I am wearing
down and probably will have some sort of cold. I have
felt for days now that I was going to get something but
today I have an annoying cough and on occasion my nose
is stuffed up. If its coming I wish it would and get it over
with. My whole body aches... every muscle. I don't know
if I will be able to sleep or if I am over tired.

Work was a little difficult this week. The children were
picking at one another more than usual. It can
be emotionally tiring more than physical.

Here on the home front my children are doing great
with their homeschool. I have been wanting to create
a post for you of all the things we have modified and kept
the same. Our school is always changing. I am so happy
with all that Superboy is doing to improve
his writing and reading skills. He has really been working
"Super" hard. I am not happy about Princess reading time
but we will talk about that more in another post.

Sweet pea has been changing too and I really need
to upload some adorable photos of her. She runs
around at times and is climbing now on the furniture.

If you read earlier this week about our court hearing , well
It was postponed. I was so mad we waited and waited and
missed so many things . Then it turned out that is will
be postponed till December. Sigh.. I just want it done.
It has created so much stress for our family as it is. I just
don't understand. Once it's done I will tell you all about it.
We have had to make some very hard decisions.

Anyway... Daddy also has been frustrated. Mostly
with my schedule. I virtually have no down time. He
doesn't want that for me/us. He at times wants to throw
in the towel with his rehabilitation and just take a job.
I keep reminding him that physically he can not do what
he did before that is why I chose to work and school in
the first place in the way that I am doing things. Oh I
am not going to say it is easy especially after this week
but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

I no longer pray for something to change or for better. I pray for
the roof over our heads, the food in the refrigerator,
and the clothing on our backs. I am so grateful to God
just to have those for my babies. Do I think there is an
end in site? No honestly not for a long time. I have learned
a lot and respect many things I took for granted.

God is so awesome and wonderful.
Sharing some homeschool things soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook- Autumn

Today is...
October 11, 2010 (Columbus Day)

Outside My Window....
It's early in the morning not as early as I usually wake but
to early to tell what the weather will be. The sun is
still trying to peek out . It looks as if it's a crisp fall morning.
Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - Worked on lessons, Cleaned up the house some,
took a nice hot long bath, and walked 2 miles with the kids.
I was so excited about this. If you remember back in May
I could only walk about 10-15 minutes. I am so proud of myself
that I can go two miles and seriously I probably could have walked
more than that but Spirit was ready to stop. In fact at mile 1 1/2
I stuffed him in the stroller with sweet pea which produced
much giggles.

Sunday services and nursery. I spend the rest of
the afternoon relaxing with the family and getting Clubs
ready for work on Tuesday. (Yep I have the day off)

Health Care....

I'd like to tell you that there is much to talk about
but there isn't. Daddy missed his appointment thinking
it was another day. His job rehabilition date was also moved
to the end of October because of all this court stuff going on.
We have one more week in wait. We need job rehab
to move forward and fast. It seems our unemployment
will end in April unless the president funds more money.
There are 4 tiers. We are in tier 2. Tier 3 and 4 are extended

From the learning rooms...

Spirit age 4-We finally finished our map unit. It took longer
Than I expected. I think mostly because we took many days
off playing outside because of the warm weather. We will
continue to play and work as Spirits interest stays. This week
we will enjoy many fall activities.

Superboy age 10- Finished Reading Diary of a Whimpy kid and
has moved on to Pipi Long Stocking. He enjoys these silly
type books and as long as he is reading I don't mind, learning
about World war 1 and working on spelling skills in
Barton reading a spelling program. We have also added
our fluency checks again.

Princess age 13- Starting Pre alg. where we left off last year.
Finished Reading A wrinkle in time and is on to Shakespeare.
Working through our History of Us and is also learning about
World War 1 at at different level.

I am wearing...
Gray capris and pink shirt

I am creating...
Some blog posts. I miss my little blog.

I am hearing ...
Cartoons on TV and baby talking.

Favorite things.....
Vanilla spray. Love the smell.

I am Thankful for...

Snuggles with Sweet Pea early in the morning.

The long walk with the kids. It was nice to just
talk with them without school.

Story time with Spirit.

A little bit of computer time today.

I am praying for...

Two of my dearest friends who both have had shortness
of breath this week and one who has had a heart attack.

A friend I work with whose son is causing them some difficulty.

Shootings in Indiana.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Cleaning day
Tuesday- Library trip
Thursday- Superboys Touch math session
Friday- Co-op activities
Sunday- Sunday school, nursery and crop walk

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Court, Work and School

I really am here I promise.....

This week has been really busy. We are on call for our
court hearing with the person who took our money. It is
difficult to think of this person because they are a family
member. I am surprised by the entire system in that we
have to be available as witnesses for 2 weeks . We have
absolutely no idea when they will call. All of it is really
out of our hands despite what this family member may
think. The DA has all the say in it. We are required by law
to appear because of the gravity of the crime. All we
can do is sit back and pray for the individual and hope
beyond hope that this person gets some help or at least
attempts to make restitution.

It has been a rough few days for me. I thought I had
gotten used to the job and leaving the kids only to have
it bite at me again. I know that this is all Gods plan
because I felt so lead to take the job. Financial strains
still pull at us. We are by no means out of the woods. I realized
today that it is about 1 year now that Daddy has had his
heart condition. It feels still new to me. We are all
adjusting. Some days I think I just want our lives back
yet I know they will never be that way again. I took
so many things for granted. I will never do that again.
I am always aware of my children and enjoy every smile.
I thought I had done that before but not as real as it is now.

Our school is still getting done despite all that is going
on. I impliemented a few new things. We aren't doing
much of our fun craftly stuff but our basics are done and
that is what matters. I think the kids do miss it some.
I really am missing playing games with them and just
chatting without the school demands. Most days I only
see them during the demanding time of day and at night
when we are hustling to get 5 baths in. I feel all I am at
the moment is children. Children at work, My sweet babies,
children of friends, Children at church, children at co-op
and children in our new FROGS group. It is soooo much
planning but somehow I am still hanging in.

Not much time for chatting. I better get going and
create our clubs for tomorrows after and before care.

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Rejoice in the Lord Always.