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Monday, September 27, 2010

Spelling and Bible OH MY...

So much is going through my head. I am simultaneously thinking
about spelling and Bible lessons. Both Princess and Superboy
tested poorly in spelling and comprehension. I was aware that
that would occur but seeing it in writing made me more aware of
it even more. I need to create a plan this weekend to get those
spelling scores up there. Just seems like the program we are
using might not be enough. I am thinking of taking a few words
each week and focus on those. There are so many words in the
english language that I'm not sure where to start. I suppose I'll
just dig in with some fall vocabulary and go from there.
How to get them testing on level is the huge question? If
anyone has any suggestions please comment. We have tried
sequential spelling but it just wasn't for us. We are working
in Barton reading and spelling at the moment.

At the same time I have bible classes whirling around in my
head. I teach two bible classes for our co-op. One for
lower elementary on things Chirst give us such as protection,
prayer and our bibles. Each relates to an animal or bug of some
sort. I pulled the lessons from
The second class is for upper elementary/middle. They are
working on the new testament lapbook from homeschool in
the woods. Then I have a new program that I am in charge of
at our church called FROGS for children K-5th. We will be
dividing into groups and moving around to centers. This
is a huge feat. I have no idea how many children will show
for the activity and I need MUSIC !! If anyone has ideas please
share. We will be learning about Moses since our group is
FROGS. (plagues)

On top of that I have work on my mind too. Our schedule isn't
working in the afternoon. Most of the children leave
before they get gym time. So we have snack, homework,
clubs and gym. Most leave early and miss gym. After sitting all
day I really think they need that play time. So it will be changed
to snack, homework, gym and on Tuesday and Thursdays clubs.
I think this will work better for these children that must sit
in their seats all day long.

We also are to appear in court within the next two weeks.
We are unsure of when our witness time will be but I don't
look forward to it.


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