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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simple Women's Daybook

Today is...August 29, 2010 .

Outside My Window....
The Sun is smiling at me today. I am so glad to have
a day at home to catch up on things. Sweet pea
hopped in my bed bright and early. It was so sweet
to see her smile when she say it was mommy.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday has become my errand and school day.
I run all of my errands and plan our lessons for the
week that frees my Sundays a little bit. Heart and
Spirit went to a train show with my parents. They had
a wonderful time. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking them.

Sunday services and nursery.

Health Care....

Nothing new just yet. Carl and I both don't have
Insurance. Thankfully our children do. Bad news is
the tooth that I had fixed while I had insurance is still
bothering me. I don't know when I can get it looked at now.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit - We will be visiting different countries this week to
see how others life compared to how Spirit lives. He will
be counting and working more on the letter B. By the middle
of the week we will switch to A. Taking it slow.

Superboy- Reading Diary of a Whimpy kid, learning
about World war 1 and working on spelling skills in
Barton reading a spelling program.

Princess- Starting Pre alg. where we left off last year.
Reading A wrinkle in time. Working through our
History of Us.

I am wearing...
Jean Capris and a black shirt. My hair is wet
I just showered and I have my barefeet out. I have
a little bit of a cough I feel a cold coming on. Just
bought some coldies to try to keep the cold away.

I am creating...
Clubs for Work.

I am hearing ...
HG TV, Dad watches those very Saturday morning
Which is when I am creating this.

Favorite things.....
Manacola, I forgot how fun that game can be.

I am Thankful for...

Being able to wake this morning beside my little one.

Spirits hugs that he gives everyday.

Daddy for making me breakfast each morning after before care
at the school.

The fact that my 13 year old misses me while I'm at work.
The girl who seems to always want me at a distance lately.
It's nice to know she really doesn't want me away. That
it's a phase because suddenly she needs me.

I am praying for...

Prayers for the girl I work with in the afternoons. She
mentioned they don't always have enough to eat.

For Princess and Sweet pea as they adjust to my new
schedule. ( I work 2 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon)

Prayers for handling parents and childen at care.
To have the grace to know what to tell these parents who
work long hours.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Labor day - Family day
Tuesday- I have to go to LIU for my fingerprinting a
requirement for working with children. Meeting at 11:30
Friday- First Co-op activities
Sunday- Opening program for our S.S , Services and youth


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