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Monday, September 20, 2010

My Wild Things...

I had the best day on Saturday, with all the things I have to do
during the week it was wonderful to spend some precious time
with Sweet pea. I am able to get a lot of one on one time with
the older crew but baby I have been missing so much. It is
really hard to work 5 hours a day, maintain the house,
keep school going and give everyone attention. It breaks
my heart to be missing so much but I have no choice in the matter.
I am anxious for Dads job rehabilitation to get going but
honestly I have a feeling we will have more stuggles with
his health in the future. What of us then? I have to think of
that. I can't ignore the possiblities. We can only take one
day at a time and rely on our gracious God.

Typically Saturday is my run around day. I have no time
during the week, which I might add I hate shopping on the
weekends because of how busy the stores can be. Saturday
I managed to get an idea of lessons, library books and supplies.
Then I headed off with only Sweet pea shopping. We
went to the mall first. Honestly I haven't been to one in a
very long time. We browsed around for moms new shoes.
Sweet pea was a joy in the stores. Smiling for everyone.
I found shoes for work and then went to the hallmark store.
I also have not been in one of those in ages. I found some
adorable spider stickers in there for an upcoming spider
unit with Spirit. They have the cutest google eyes.

Sweet pea was getting hungry by then so we stopped for
lunch. Eating out with a baby is odd. It feels like eating alone,
with 7 in the house Baby and I rarely happens. After eating
we headed to AC Moore our local craft store for a few
school supplies and then to the grocery store. All the
time Sweet pea was soo behaved. She fell off into a slumber
on the way home.

To my joy and happiness when I arrived home. Dad had
gathered the children and the house was clean. Princess
had done up all of the wash, which in itself was amazing.
Everything was done but the dusting and wet mopping. It
was such a sigh of relief. We unloaded all of the groceries.
Then worked on our workboxes and lesson plans for the week.

At 7:00 HBO had the movie The Wild Things. We grabbed
our popcorn bowls and enjoyed the movie and each other.
It was a great ending to a productive day. My children
have been so helpful with mom working and not so wild.
It was so enjoyable to me to see them laying on the floor
all of us together enjoying this movie.


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