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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Missing Diploma

Really it's really missing. I needed my old diploma
for on record for my job. I always always keep it in a storage
box with some other memory things under my bed. I always
worry about those things getting ruined. I remember showing
it to the little ones over the summer. The kids love to dig
in our box of memories. Well somehow it is missing from
the box and if you know me you know I am over super organzied.

I have to also tell you I really enjoy my boss. She is a fabulous
lady so much fun. So I emailed her and told her I 'd have to
call my high school to get it unless she wanted the video.
That got a laugh from her. Luckily the school was amazing
and are getting my high school transcript ready by 11 today.
Which, is great since I need that paper apprently for state
inspections Wed. Today we are doing our corn startch
and water experiment again . I have to stop and get more
starch as Daddy cooked with it last night. We had
a fun supper of eggs, gravey, sausage and potatoes.
I love breakfast for dinner.

Still brain storming many things. In fact now in my mind
is a flyers club for after school care. I am thinking butterflies,
birds, airplaines, parchutes, hot air balloons. I might have
to do these things with my son for an added bonus. Hmm
I just had another thought. He could create these things and
then write about it. More writing and spelling practices.
My mind keeps going. I hope to post for you all the ideas
for clubs. Especially the science since I created Science tubs.
I am sure I can use this in my workboxes.

Well, off to work. Have a great day.


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