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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inspecting Rains

Well, it's over our state inspection at work is done.
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I was more
nervous then I thought . I have done many inspections but
it has been several years since I have done them. It went
quickly. Not everything was planned but I think I compensated
well enough. (Hopefully) I haven't heard from our director
yet if there were any problems.

Today it is raining, raining, Raining. In fact local schools are
talking about closing due to flood waters. Typically when it
floods we are trapped pretty much any direction from low
lying streams and creeks. Hopefully that doesn't happen but
if it does I get to stay home with my family. Hmm maybe
I do want it to happen.

Thoughts of spelling are still rolling around in my head. I
really need to get Superboys spelling levels up. We have
been working really hard on ways to improve. I have
created a word wall for him in the hopes that if he visually
sees it he will learn to spell those particular words. I have
some other ideas and will present them to you when I have
them complete. Something has to give with his spelling and
reading. It is time for him to get going now. He is supposed
to be in the 5th grade but I have kept him back in 4th.
His spelling is far worse than some of the other things.
Now is the time for a plan of attack. Leave any spelling
ideas, please. I know many homeschoolers will say that
he will learn it eventually when he is ready. Typically
I would have agreed but you have not met my Superboy.
He just is not a motivated child....unless you ask him to
create something with his hands. Hmm maybe some word
art. See my mind is always spinning like that.

Off to organize or plan someones life.
Have a great day.


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