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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me

Life lately can be really crazy around here. My
days are so full that I am amazed at how I am keeping up
with things. As time goes we will see how well I keep up.
I am imagining a burn out by December. You get comfortable
in your life and then God throws you something new to spice
things up for you. I never imagined my life this way but
I will enjoy it even when I have lemons. Let me take
your though a typical day.

4:50 Am- Roll around a bit and catch the alarm
before it wakes the entire house. It goes off at 5Am
but I aways try to catch it before it goes.

5:00 Am- head to the bathroom to bathe. I learned to lay
out my clothes so I don't have to stir around in the bed-
room waking everyone.

5:20- Ready and dress. I gather my supplies for work
and my tea cup. Check my email.

5:30- Head to the van to leave for work.
Travel is uneventful. I often pray on my way there
or listen to some calm music. I need that to get me awake
in the mornings.

6:00 I arrive around 6. I am always there early. I have
to wait to exactly 6:10 as my badge won't allow me into
the school building till exactly that minute.

6:10- I walk swiftly to the doors as a parent is there at
6:15 each day. I work the before care at our local elementary
school. I have to get out sign in sheets, set up boards,
set out rugs, place out baskets and lay out activities for
arriving students. This must all be put away when I leave.
The school allows us to have 2 cabinets in the cafeteria for
use. So everything I need must be in that cabinet or I have to
carry it along with me.

6:15 Children arrive. I greet them and chat with them.
They are a very fun group of children. If I have to work
I am grateful to have these kids .

7:00- Clubs begin. While they are quietly playing I have
secretly set up clubs. The children choose new clubs on Friday
from a list I create. This month we are doing Science club,
dance, Lego, and art clubs. They change out monthly from
whatever my mind comes up with.

7:30- My helper S organizes our gym time. She has an
activity for them daily. I love working with her she is
amazing and a wonderful help to me. Today we played
a caterpillar game where children climb through one
anothers legs. Then they had basketball time and jump

8:05- gym time over time to gather toys and use the
rest room. I clean up all the supplies that are left in
the cafeteria.

8:15- Children are dismissed for school. I head home
to my children.

8:45- Arrive to the squeals of sweet pea. She is so glad
to see me. Dad makes me a breakfast burrito as we talk.
Superboy and Princess started lessons. They are awaiting
new instructions. Superboy is in his room.

9:00- Princess is doing her online Pre Alg. Class.
Superboy and I look over what he completed in the morning
Hours and I explain his math to him. Typically Spirit comes
about now too and we do our morning Calendar and story time

10:00- I stop to call the dr. for Heart. She slid off a truck
over the weekend with friends and cut her leg. They will
see her at 11:30. Princess and Superboy work on Barton and

10:30- Superboy has some testing and conferencing online.
I sneak out at 11 to take heart to the dr.

11:00- Dr. says heart should have had stitches but since
she didn't come right away she will have a scar instead.
Heart is relieved. Tetanus is up to date. All is well.

12:00- eat lunch check email, play with sweet pea.

12:30- Superboy and I begin history. We work on lesson
and enjoy today reading of world war 1.

1:30- We go over art project. Superboy takes it and works.
I have some quiet time as baby is resting. Spirit helps him
and creates his art too. Princess is working quietly on some
reading in her room.

2:00- I have half an hour to clean something up. I choose to sit.

2:30- Time to leave for work. I go change clothes again.

3:00- Meet my other helper and enter the school. Afternoons
are a bit more active. My helper is an older women and I
am required to do more to make up for what she can't do.

3:15- students arrive

3;30- wash for snack , have snack, and do homework

4:00 Clubs again same as before

4:30 Gym time

5:00- quiet activties board games or outdoor play

6:00 - Time to go home.

6:30- Dinner is on the table. Sometimes it is cold . I heat it up.

7:00- I grade papers and reset workboxes.

8:00 snuggle with baby.

9:00- clean something up

9:30- off to bed....

Tomorrow do it again. How long do you think I can do this.
Saturdays I plan and organize things. Clean up the house.
Sunday I work in the mornings and then I have a bit of rest.
It has to be this way for awhile. Daddy starts his job
Rehabilitation in Oct. He will be working with the literacy
council to get his GED.


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