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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka BOOM will there be enough
room. Chicka Chicka boom boom is a fun story about
the ABC's. The lowercase letters decided to sneak up
the chicka tree. Once all of them reach the top they fall
down. Their Mommas, Pappas, Aunts and Uncles come and
pick them up again. Only to have the little ones decide to
sneak back up the tree again. Spirit and I worked on letter
practices with our chicka tree .

The cans for my magnet tree were made from a large
pudding can and one was a tomato sauce can. Daddy
screwed them together and then painted them for us.
I cut out palm branches from craft foam. Spirit used the
story props above with the story. As we read he put the
appropriate magnet letters onto the chicka tree. The
chicka shakers we used to shake along with the story.
We read the book through the week several times
using different story props. Children can use the shakers
to search in their bottles to see what letters they have.
I purchased these shakers for $1. a piece. You can have
them made with all of the alphabet inside, a few letters
or your childs name. You can purchase them at Sallys ABC's
This ABC mat we used along with the magnet
tree. Once he had them all up the tree he had
to take them off and match them on the letter mat. I
found the letter printable at Kiz Club story props
I used printables from their site for several of our chicka
activities. I have a feeling we will be using this mat
for other things as the year goes. You can printe out
color numbers or black and white. I was out of color so
I printed the black and white and colored them in. Then
I glued them to a file folder. I hope to laminate it soon
for durablity.
This was our ABC tactile pan. It has ABC pasta,Alphabits
cereal in and glitter letters that I bought from the dollar store.
Spirit used dishes and dug inside. He used the tiny pasta to find his
name. We also used our ABC mat above to sort out letters.
We will proabably use this with word cards soon.
This is chicka chicka math. The tree is a printable
again from Kiz Club story props. Each player gets 10
pom poms or coconuts and 1 eraser for going up the tree.
If you notice on the tree there are little nitches. We rolled
the dice and used our markers to hop up the tree. Once
you get to the top you drop your color pom pom into the
tree. Then roll and come back down. Up and down you go
until all 10 of you poms are up the tree.

Are kitchen is decked out in Chicka Flair.
I created this tree for matching upper and lower case
letters. The Lower case letters are a printable that
I created and printed onto card stock.
Chicka lower case
The upper case letter are magnets from

Here are what the capital magnet letters look like.
Spirit takes a capital letter magnet and places it
over the lower case letter that is it's partner.
I had won these large magnets at 5 minutes for moms
some time ago and don't recall the company that created
them but in searching there are many similar out there.

Here we used the ABC printable again to simply paint the
letters. This gave him some great practice in writing/painting
his ABCs.

Last thing we did was create a chicka snack.

Green apples - Palm leaves
Vanilla wafers- Tree trunk
Red Grapes- coconuts
Alphabits cereal- ABCs up the tree

At one point we had 5 of these going and Spirits sister
came down and said ..

How are you liking school?

And his reply was...
This is my school makin snacks.


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