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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Calendar Time

preschool corner

It's time for Calendar.. This year I implimented Calendar time
for my 4 yr. old and 10 yr. old. I know 10 seems a little old
for it but he enjoys doing it with his brother. I have
added things for his skill level, since I noticed he was spelling
the months incorrectly. All of our morning activities are placed in
a morning notebook, which for us is a 3 ring binder.

We also Tally the days in school and then count by 5's
using this sheet.

COUNTING- We begin by adding a paper chain
for the number of days in school. We will grow
the chain to 100 days and then have a celebration.
Then they color in on their 100 chart the numbered day
we add to our paper chain. I printed out this 100 chart
for this activity at 1plus1plus1equals1

CALENDAR MATH- We then move into our hallway for
Calendar time. Spirit and Superboy take turns adding
the correct date. I used an AB pattern for our calendar
numbers. I bought everything at the dollar store.
We sing the months, the days of the week and state
the date.

Superboy has a worksheet to write in the date in words,
regular form and then in numbers. They also both have
blank calendars that they use to write the correct number
in for the correct day. I found those at Donna Youngs.

Next we go over the color of the month, the shape
of the month and the site word of the month.
Neither boys really need the color or shape but Spirit
saw them and wanted them back up on the door.
You can find shape cards at tlsbooks.

The site word is a review for my reluctant learner.
For Spirit it is an introduction to the words. If he doesn't
learn them that is fine too. I just want him to see them
and if he picks something up along the way well all
the better. It has also occured to me to add my sons
spelling words that are a struggle to him so that
he can see them daily and read them.

SCIENCE- Time to check out the weather. The children
look out the window and decide what the weather is.
Then they place that picture on the wall chart and graph
it in their morning notebooks. I found the weekly weather
at 1plus1plus1equals1 and Homeschool Creations


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