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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inspecting Rains

Well, it's over our state inspection at work is done.
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I was more
nervous then I thought . I have done many inspections but
it has been several years since I have done them. It went
quickly. Not everything was planned but I think I compensated
well enough. (Hopefully) I haven't heard from our director
yet if there were any problems.

Today it is raining, raining, Raining. In fact local schools are
talking about closing due to flood waters. Typically when it
floods we are trapped pretty much any direction from low
lying streams and creeks. Hopefully that doesn't happen but
if it does I get to stay home with my family. Hmm maybe
I do want it to happen.

Thoughts of spelling are still rolling around in my head. I
really need to get Superboys spelling levels up. We have
been working really hard on ways to improve. I have
created a word wall for him in the hopes that if he visually
sees it he will learn to spell those particular words. I have
some other ideas and will present them to you when I have
them complete. Something has to give with his spelling and
reading. It is time for him to get going now. He is supposed
to be in the 5th grade but I have kept him back in 4th.
His spelling is far worse than some of the other things.
Now is the time for a plan of attack. Leave any spelling
ideas, please. I know many homeschoolers will say that
he will learn it eventually when he is ready. Typically
I would have agreed but you have not met my Superboy.
He just is not a motivated child....unless you ask him to
create something with his hands. Hmm maybe some word
art. See my mind is always spinning like that.

Off to organize or plan someones life.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comical History

I hope you can see the photo above. This is a template ,
one of many I have created for my son Superboy to
help him remember facts in history. He loves comics
reading , drawing and writing them. The one above
is the flight around the world of Charles L.
The first window shows him in flight in New york City,
then flying over the ocean, and ending in Paris. We
have been putting this together to form a sort of history
comic book to remind him of events. It is fun for him
and has been away to get a none writer writing more.
I hope to share a few more pages soon and load my
templates to file share.

Today is state inspection at work so gotta run.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Missing Diploma

Really it's really missing. I needed my old diploma
for on record for my job. I always always keep it in a storage
box with some other memory things under my bed. I always
worry about those things getting ruined. I remember showing
it to the little ones over the summer. The kids love to dig
in our box of memories. Well somehow it is missing from
the box and if you know me you know I am over super organzied.

I have to also tell you I really enjoy my boss. She is a fabulous
lady so much fun. So I emailed her and told her I 'd have to
call my high school to get it unless she wanted the video.
That got a laugh from her. Luckily the school was amazing
and are getting my high school transcript ready by 11 today.
Which, is great since I need that paper apprently for state
inspections Wed. Today we are doing our corn startch
and water experiment again . I have to stop and get more
starch as Daddy cooked with it last night. We had
a fun supper of eggs, gravey, sausage and potatoes.
I love breakfast for dinner.

Still brain storming many things. In fact now in my mind
is a flyers club for after school care. I am thinking butterflies,
birds, airplaines, parchutes, hot air balloons. I might have
to do these things with my son for an added bonus. Hmm
I just had another thought. He could create these things and
then write about it. More writing and spelling practices.
My mind keeps going. I hope to post for you all the ideas
for clubs. Especially the science since I created Science tubs.
I am sure I can use this in my workboxes.

Well, off to work. Have a great day.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Spelling and Bible OH MY...

So much is going through my head. I am simultaneously thinking
about spelling and Bible lessons. Both Princess and Superboy
tested poorly in spelling and comprehension. I was aware that
that would occur but seeing it in writing made me more aware of
it even more. I need to create a plan this weekend to get those
spelling scores up there. Just seems like the program we are
using might not be enough. I am thinking of taking a few words
each week and focus on those. There are so many words in the
english language that I'm not sure where to start. I suppose I'll
just dig in with some fall vocabulary and go from there.
How to get them testing on level is the huge question? If
anyone has any suggestions please comment. We have tried
sequential spelling but it just wasn't for us. We are working
in Barton reading and spelling at the moment.

At the same time I have bible classes whirling around in my
head. I teach two bible classes for our co-op. One for
lower elementary on things Chirst give us such as protection,
prayer and our bibles. Each relates to an animal or bug of some
sort. I pulled the lessons from
The second class is for upper elementary/middle. They are
working on the new testament lapbook from homeschool in
the woods. Then I have a new program that I am in charge of
at our church called FROGS for children K-5th. We will be
dividing into groups and moving around to centers. This
is a huge feat. I have no idea how many children will show
for the activity and I need MUSIC !! If anyone has ideas please
share. We will be learning about Moses since our group is
FROGS. (plagues)

On top of that I have work on my mind too. Our schedule isn't
working in the afternoon. Most of the children leave
before they get gym time. So we have snack, homework,
clubs and gym. Most leave early and miss gym. After sitting all
day I really think they need that play time. So it will be changed
to snack, homework, gym and on Tuesday and Thursdays clubs.
I think this will work better for these children that must sit
in their seats all day long.

We also are to appear in court within the next two weeks.
We are unsure of when our witness time will be but I don't
look forward to it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Calendar Time

preschool corner

It's time for Calendar.. This year I implimented Calendar time
for my 4 yr. old and 10 yr. old. I know 10 seems a little old
for it but he enjoys doing it with his brother. I have
added things for his skill level, since I noticed he was spelling
the months incorrectly. All of our morning activities are placed in
a morning notebook, which for us is a 3 ring binder.

We also Tally the days in school and then count by 5's
using this sheet.

COUNTING- We begin by adding a paper chain
for the number of days in school. We will grow
the chain to 100 days and then have a celebration.
Then they color in on their 100 chart the numbered day
we add to our paper chain. I printed out this 100 chart
for this activity at 1plus1plus1equals1

CALENDAR MATH- We then move into our hallway for
Calendar time. Spirit and Superboy take turns adding
the correct date. I used an AB pattern for our calendar
numbers. I bought everything at the dollar store.
We sing the months, the days of the week and state
the date.

Superboy has a worksheet to write in the date in words,
regular form and then in numbers. They also both have
blank calendars that they use to write the correct number
in for the correct day. I found those at Donna Youngs.

Next we go over the color of the month, the shape
of the month and the site word of the month.
Neither boys really need the color or shape but Spirit
saw them and wanted them back up on the door.
You can find shape cards at tlsbooks.

The site word is a review for my reluctant learner.
For Spirit it is an introduction to the words. If he doesn't
learn them that is fine too. I just want him to see them
and if he picks something up along the way well all
the better. It has also occured to me to add my sons
spelling words that are a struggle to him so that
he can see them daily and read them.

SCIENCE- Time to check out the weather. The children
look out the window and decide what the weather is.
Then they place that picture on the wall chart and graph
it in their morning notebooks. I found the weekly weather
at 1plus1plus1equals1 and Homeschool Creations

Monday, September 20, 2010

Creative Hands

These are some of my children's art that
was created by their creative hands.

This is Superboys Cubist guitar. He used
a lot of yellow so it's a little hard to see all the
shapes in my photo but you can see some of it.
Spirit is learning about the world and created this water color
resist . He drew, colored and painted it all by himself.

Princess created this salt dough adobe.

Great Job kids!!!

My Wild Things...

I had the best day on Saturday, with all the things I have to do
during the week it was wonderful to spend some precious time
with Sweet pea. I am able to get a lot of one on one time with
the older crew but baby I have been missing so much. It is
really hard to work 5 hours a day, maintain the house,
keep school going and give everyone attention. It breaks
my heart to be missing so much but I have no choice in the matter.
I am anxious for Dads job rehabilitation to get going but
honestly I have a feeling we will have more stuggles with
his health in the future. What of us then? I have to think of
that. I can't ignore the possiblities. We can only take one
day at a time and rely on our gracious God.

Typically Saturday is my run around day. I have no time
during the week, which I might add I hate shopping on the
weekends because of how busy the stores can be. Saturday
I managed to get an idea of lessons, library books and supplies.
Then I headed off with only Sweet pea shopping. We
went to the mall first. Honestly I haven't been to one in a
very long time. We browsed around for moms new shoes.
Sweet pea was a joy in the stores. Smiling for everyone.
I found shoes for work and then went to the hallmark store.
I also have not been in one of those in ages. I found some
adorable spider stickers in there for an upcoming spider
unit with Spirit. They have the cutest google eyes.

Sweet pea was getting hungry by then so we stopped for
lunch. Eating out with a baby is odd. It feels like eating alone,
with 7 in the house Baby and I rarely happens. After eating
we headed to AC Moore our local craft store for a few
school supplies and then to the grocery store. All the
time Sweet pea was soo behaved. She fell off into a slumber
on the way home.

To my joy and happiness when I arrived home. Dad had
gathered the children and the house was clean. Princess
had done up all of the wash, which in itself was amazing.
Everything was done but the dusting and wet mopping. It
was such a sigh of relief. We unloaded all of the groceries.
Then worked on our workboxes and lesson plans for the week.

At 7:00 HBO had the movie The Wild Things. We grabbed
our popcorn bowls and enjoyed the movie and each other.
It was a great ending to a productive day. My children
have been so helpful with mom working and not so wild.
It was so enjoyable to me to see them laying on the floor
all of us together enjoying this movie.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...Sept. 12, 2010 .

Outside My Window....
The rain clouds are singing. We need the rain.
It has been awhile .

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday - Run day
Dollar store, Grocery shopping, library and home to create
lesson plans for the week.

Sunday services, nursery, and youth group

Health Care....

Well, Daddy has an appointment for Oct. to start his job
rehabilitation. Things finally went through. He failed
his eye check so now needs an eye exam. What to follow?
Probably classes from the literacy council.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit - We are still visiting other countries. We are
looking at a few animals from those areas, how
the children live, games they play and stories from that area.
It is a very relaxed study. Not for map memory just for exposure.
He will also be working on the letter A.

Superboy- Reading Diary of a Whimpy kid, learning
about World war 1 and working on spelling skills in
Barton reading a spelling program.

Princess- Starting Pre alg. where we left off last year.
Reading A wrinkle in time. Working through our
History of Us and is also learning about World War 1 at
at different level.

I am wearing...
Black jeans and black dress shirt.
Course my feet our out as usual.

I am creating...
Science experiments

I am hearing ...
Marathon on TV that dad is watching..
The dukes of Hazard. Ha ha...

Favorite things.....
My desk , after an entire weekend it is organized.
Never mind the house you didnt ask that.

I am Thankful for...

The great kids at Paradise Elementary.
Very well behaved children.

The great dinner dad made today.

The huge box of apples that the neighbors gave us.
I see apple pies, dumplings and sauce in our horizon.

The great game books a friend lent me. Loving them

I am praying for...

A friend who has some medical issues and will need surgery

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Superboys Conferencing
Thursday- Superboys Touch math session
Friday- Co-op activities
Saturday- Beverly Lewis author visiting a local book store.
Sunday- Sunday school, Youth Pool party? (sort of cold for that)
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me

Life lately can be really crazy around here. My
days are so full that I am amazed at how I am keeping up
with things. As time goes we will see how well I keep up.
I am imagining a burn out by December. You get comfortable
in your life and then God throws you something new to spice
things up for you. I never imagined my life this way but
I will enjoy it even when I have lemons. Let me take
your though a typical day.

4:50 Am- Roll around a bit and catch the alarm
before it wakes the entire house. It goes off at 5Am
but I aways try to catch it before it goes.

5:00 Am- head to the bathroom to bathe. I learned to lay
out my clothes so I don't have to stir around in the bed-
room waking everyone.

5:20- Ready and dress. I gather my supplies for work
and my tea cup. Check my email.

5:30- Head to the van to leave for work.
Travel is uneventful. I often pray on my way there
or listen to some calm music. I need that to get me awake
in the mornings.

6:00 I arrive around 6. I am always there early. I have
to wait to exactly 6:10 as my badge won't allow me into
the school building till exactly that minute.

6:10- I walk swiftly to the doors as a parent is there at
6:15 each day. I work the before care at our local elementary
school. I have to get out sign in sheets, set up boards,
set out rugs, place out baskets and lay out activities for
arriving students. This must all be put away when I leave.
The school allows us to have 2 cabinets in the cafeteria for
use. So everything I need must be in that cabinet or I have to
carry it along with me.

6:15 Children arrive. I greet them and chat with them.
They are a very fun group of children. If I have to work
I am grateful to have these kids .

7:00- Clubs begin. While they are quietly playing I have
secretly set up clubs. The children choose new clubs on Friday
from a list I create. This month we are doing Science club,
dance, Lego, and art clubs. They change out monthly from
whatever my mind comes up with.

7:30- My helper S organizes our gym time. She has an
activity for them daily. I love working with her she is
amazing and a wonderful help to me. Today we played
a caterpillar game where children climb through one
anothers legs. Then they had basketball time and jump

8:05- gym time over time to gather toys and use the
rest room. I clean up all the supplies that are left in
the cafeteria.

8:15- Children are dismissed for school. I head home
to my children.

8:45- Arrive to the squeals of sweet pea. She is so glad
to see me. Dad makes me a breakfast burrito as we talk.
Superboy and Princess started lessons. They are awaiting
new instructions. Superboy is in his room.

9:00- Princess is doing her online Pre Alg. Class.
Superboy and I look over what he completed in the morning
Hours and I explain his math to him. Typically Spirit comes
about now too and we do our morning Calendar and story time

10:00- I stop to call the dr. for Heart. She slid off a truck
over the weekend with friends and cut her leg. They will
see her at 11:30. Princess and Superboy work on Barton and

10:30- Superboy has some testing and conferencing online.
I sneak out at 11 to take heart to the dr.

11:00- Dr. says heart should have had stitches but since
she didn't come right away she will have a scar instead.
Heart is relieved. Tetanus is up to date. All is well.

12:00- eat lunch check email, play with sweet pea.

12:30- Superboy and I begin history. We work on lesson
and enjoy today reading of world war 1.

1:30- We go over art project. Superboy takes it and works.
I have some quiet time as baby is resting. Spirit helps him
and creates his art too. Princess is working quietly on some
reading in her room.

2:00- I have half an hour to clean something up. I choose to sit.

2:30- Time to leave for work. I go change clothes again.

3:00- Meet my other helper and enter the school. Afternoons
are a bit more active. My helper is an older women and I
am required to do more to make up for what she can't do.

3:15- students arrive

3;30- wash for snack , have snack, and do homework

4:00 Clubs again same as before

4:30 Gym time

5:00- quiet activties board games or outdoor play

6:00 - Time to go home.

6:30- Dinner is on the table. Sometimes it is cold . I heat it up.

7:00- I grade papers and reset workboxes.

8:00 snuggle with baby.

9:00- clean something up

9:30- off to bed....

Tomorrow do it again. How long do you think I can do this.
Saturdays I plan and organize things. Clean up the house.
Sunday I work in the mornings and then I have a bit of rest.
It has to be this way for awhile. Daddy starts his job
Rehabilitation in Oct. He will be working with the literacy
council to get his GED.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka BOOM will there be enough
room. Chicka Chicka boom boom is a fun story about
the ABC's. The lowercase letters decided to sneak up
the chicka tree. Once all of them reach the top they fall
down. Their Mommas, Pappas, Aunts and Uncles come and
pick them up again. Only to have the little ones decide to
sneak back up the tree again. Spirit and I worked on letter
practices with our chicka tree .

The cans for my magnet tree were made from a large
pudding can and one was a tomato sauce can. Daddy
screwed them together and then painted them for us.
I cut out palm branches from craft foam. Spirit used the
story props above with the story. As we read he put the
appropriate magnet letters onto the chicka tree. The
chicka shakers we used to shake along with the story.
We read the book through the week several times
using different story props. Children can use the shakers
to search in their bottles to see what letters they have.
I purchased these shakers for $1. a piece. You can have
them made with all of the alphabet inside, a few letters
or your childs name. You can purchase them at Sallys ABC's
This ABC mat we used along with the magnet
tree. Once he had them all up the tree he had
to take them off and match them on the letter mat. I
found the letter printable at Kiz Club story props
I used printables from their site for several of our chicka
activities. I have a feeling we will be using this mat
for other things as the year goes. You can printe out
color numbers or black and white. I was out of color so
I printed the black and white and colored them in. Then
I glued them to a file folder. I hope to laminate it soon
for durablity.
This was our ABC tactile pan. It has ABC pasta,Alphabits
cereal in and glitter letters that I bought from the dollar store.
Spirit used dishes and dug inside. He used the tiny pasta to find his
name. We also used our ABC mat above to sort out letters.
We will proabably use this with word cards soon.
This is chicka chicka math. The tree is a printable
again from Kiz Club story props. Each player gets 10
pom poms or coconuts and 1 eraser for going up the tree.
If you notice on the tree there are little nitches. We rolled
the dice and used our markers to hop up the tree. Once
you get to the top you drop your color pom pom into the
tree. Then roll and come back down. Up and down you go
until all 10 of you poms are up the tree.

Are kitchen is decked out in Chicka Flair.
I created this tree for matching upper and lower case
letters. The Lower case letters are a printable that
I created and printed onto card stock.
Chicka lower case
The upper case letter are magnets from

Here are what the capital magnet letters look like.
Spirit takes a capital letter magnet and places it
over the lower case letter that is it's partner.
I had won these large magnets at 5 minutes for moms
some time ago and don't recall the company that created
them but in searching there are many similar out there.

Here we used the ABC printable again to simply paint the
letters. This gave him some great practice in writing/painting
his ABCs.

Last thing we did was create a chicka snack.

Green apples - Palm leaves
Vanilla wafers- Tree trunk
Red Grapes- coconuts
Alphabits cereal- ABCs up the tree

At one point we had 5 of these going and Spirits sister
came down and said ..

How are you liking school?

And his reply was...
This is my school makin snacks.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Creative Hands

Welcome to Creative Hands.

Each Monday I will post some of our creative art from
the previous week. A mini Art Exhibition.

This is Superboy's Age 10. He created a still life
with construction paper. Then he added patterns by
stamping different items. His work is from an inspiration
from Henri Matisse. He stamped blocks with a hole inside,
sponges, and a rubber foam brush.

Spirit created his entire family out of toilet tubes. He
cut all of the hair himself and glued it himself. I think we
all look like Native Americans. He plays with them with
his blocks it's so adorable.

Tot School - Mommy and Me Story Bible

Tot School

We are just beginning to get into the swing of things around here.
Last week we completed an entire week of school. Sweet Pea
is 1 year , 2 weeks and 4 days old. She is learning so much.

She is beginning to walk more often and getting steadier
every day.

She loves to climb up onto her rocker and rock back and forth
on her own. I remember when she was smaller still and sleeping
in that same rocker.

Our favorite book ... I love, love the Mommy & me story bible
with activities for the very Young.

Each story has one bible story on it. Worded very simply
with interaction with the book and mommy. Here
is an example...

Genesis 1
Lets point to each of the animals in the picture.
What animal is this? What sound does it make? Who made it?
Let's look outside the window.
Who made the trees? GOD!
Who made the sky? GOD!
Etc... Very cute and simple. I hope
to use this story bible for a few years until she
can actually interact with me.

You can order My Mommy and Me Story Bible at

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simple Women's Daybook

Today is...August 29, 2010 .

Outside My Window....
The Sun is smiling at me today. I am so glad to have
a day at home to catch up on things. Sweet pea
hopped in my bed bright and early. It was so sweet
to see her smile when she say it was mommy.

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday has become my errand and school day.
I run all of my errands and plan our lessons for the
week that frees my Sundays a little bit. Heart and
Spirit went to a train show with my parents. They had
a wonderful time. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking them.

Sunday services and nursery.

Health Care....

Nothing new just yet. Carl and I both don't have
Insurance. Thankfully our children do. Bad news is
the tooth that I had fixed while I had insurance is still
bothering me. I don't know when I can get it looked at now.

From the learning rooms...

Spirit - We will be visiting different countries this week to
see how others life compared to how Spirit lives. He will
be counting and working more on the letter B. By the middle
of the week we will switch to A. Taking it slow.

Superboy- Reading Diary of a Whimpy kid, learning
about World war 1 and working on spelling skills in
Barton reading a spelling program.

Princess- Starting Pre alg. where we left off last year.
Reading A wrinkle in time. Working through our
History of Us.

I am wearing...
Jean Capris and a black shirt. My hair is wet
I just showered and I have my barefeet out. I have
a little bit of a cough I feel a cold coming on. Just
bought some coldies to try to keep the cold away.

I am creating...
Clubs for Work.

I am hearing ...
HG TV, Dad watches those very Saturday morning
Which is when I am creating this.

Favorite things.....
Manacola, I forgot how fun that game can be.

I am Thankful for...

Being able to wake this morning beside my little one.

Spirits hugs that he gives everyday.

Daddy for making me breakfast each morning after before care
at the school.

The fact that my 13 year old misses me while I'm at work.
The girl who seems to always want me at a distance lately.
It's nice to know she really doesn't want me away. That
it's a phase because suddenly she needs me.

I am praying for...

Prayers for the girl I work with in the afternoons. She
mentioned they don't always have enough to eat.

For Princess and Sweet pea as they adjust to my new
schedule. ( I work 2 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon)

Prayers for handling parents and childen at care.
To have the grace to know what to tell these parents who
work long hours.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Labor day - Family day
Tuesday- I have to go to LIU for my fingerprinting a
requirement for working with children. Meeting at 11:30
Friday- First Co-op activities
Sunday- Opening program for our S.S , Services and youth
Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Homeschooling Is a Labor of Love

Homeschooling Is a Labor of Love

We know how seriously homeschooling parents take their conviction to
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We only have 5000 of these subscriptions available;— once they'’re gone,
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Here is the main part of the message to send out, after you have
shared a little about your experience with TOS:

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Old Schoolhouse Store Labor of Love Sale

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Rejoice in the Lord Always.