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Monday, August 16, 2010

Simple Women's Daybook

Today is...August 16, 2010 .

Outside My Window....
They sky is gray this morning. It has been raining on and off
which has been nice. I love when it rains. I enjoy how the earth
smells when it's all washed clean again.

Weekend at a Glance.....
We went shopping with Gram for shoes for Sweet pea for
her birthday. We found some adorable sneakers and dress
shoes at payless shoe source. They had a great buy one get
one half off sale. Then we stopped and had lunch at Twin
Pines farm. They had Pit Beef and Pork outside of the market
building. The kids then went with Gram while I stayed home
with sweet pea to the 4-H fair. We are hoping to finally join
in this upcoming year.

We had services as usual. I enjoyed talking with my helper
about the many trials of life. We only had one child the first
Service and one in the last service. I expect the numbers to go
up as schools begin to start again.

Health Care....

Good news! My blood pressure turned out to be fine.

Daddy has some news too. He is working through a program
for job rehabilitation. They don't think he will ever be able
to do a physical job again. He will work this year on his GED.
Then they will work to find him a job. He may have to move around
till they find the right job for him and what he can handle.
Then he thinking of checking into a 2 year trade school. He probably
will still work with his hands because that is what he loves but
it won't be strenuous physically. This all means we may have to
trade roles a bit for a few years. I still will homeschool my
children but might have to work part time as well. I have
put an application in for a job that would be perfect hours
for me, Daddys GED classes and the kids. I pray it works out.
Now I just have to get hired if it is Gods will.

From the learning rooms...
I am anxious to begin school. I am planning and planning.
Hoping to get their first 2 weeks planned ahead. Then each
week I can work on that following week. I don't like to
plan to far ahead because sometimes I think they need more
on a subject or less after looking through it.

I am wearing...
Green Capris, Black shirt and barefeet as usual.

I am creating...
Games for learning

I am hearing ...
The fan, silence... hmm better see what everone is doing.
Dad is cutting peaches
Heart is at work
Princess and sweet pea are watching something on TV
Boys are playing games upstairs
Quiet makes me nervous around here.

Favorite things.....
My printer. I think I need more ink!

I am Thankful for..

Job rehabilitation. I never knew it even exsisted.

School about to start. It is so exciting to try new learning
ideas that you find over the summer months.

Long summer days

Cooler evening

I am praying for...
Still praying for our financial situation.
Praying specifically for a job I applied for and
for daddys job rehabilitation to go smoothly. Awaiting
some medical papers from the doctor to procede.
Praying for Daddy and working on his GED.

Prayers for a friend whose children have whooping cough
and one has asthma which is making things more difficult.

Praying for our upcoming sunday school meeting that answers
and decisions can be made about our childrens programs.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Planning school, cleaning house, and getting tires balances
Tuesday- Sunday school meeting
Wed. , Thurs., - Family time
Friday- youth lock in
Saturday- Youth lock in pick up and frisbee tournament
Sunday- Services and youth group


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