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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook August

Today is...August 9, 2010 .

Outside My Window....
The sun is shining but I won't be out today.
I have a dentist appointment and a Dr appointment.
Sure I'll pass by the scenary but won't be able to really
enjoy it.

Weekend at a Glance.....
A lot of cleaning went on this weekend. I think I have
the schoolroom ready finally. I changed it now 3 times.
Our refridgerator died too so we had to clean that out
and restock.

Health Care....

Heart and I are at the dentist again today.
Getting those Cavities filled and after getting
my blood pressure checked. The verdict will be in soon.

From the learning rooms...
We have begun morning Calendar and
some quiet reading time to get them ready
for the start of school.

I am wearing...
Green Capris, Black shirt and barefeet as usual.

I am creating...
Lesson plans, lessons plans.

I am hearing ...
TV, Oso

Favorite things.....
Baskets of pencils. markers, crayons etc..

I am Thankful for..

Dear friends

Daddy qualified for a job rehabilition counselor.
With his disablity restrictions it is hard to find work.
They are going to help. Thank goodness.

Facebook, I have found some really long lost friends
on there it is great to reconnect.

Sue Patricks workbox system. All the kids are working
in workboxes or workfolders this year.

Rutters new Southern Brewed Iced Tea. Just Love this.

Daddy is working toward getting his GED.

I am praying for...
I am still praying for our financial situation. Things have
gotten much worse but we have hope if you look at
my Thanksfuls. I ask for prayers for Daddy as he works
to get his GED. That he isn't discouraged and in the mean
time can find work that he can do until his GED. I also pray
that the rehabilitation counselor can help.

Prayers for our church. There is a lack of commitment
lately but I really think it has to do more with the
economy and trying to make due with what they have.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Dentist appointment, Dr. appointmen
Friday- I think this is Chess Playground day
Saturday- Yard sale at Grace
Sunday- Church services and Path


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