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Monday, August 2, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook- August

Today is...August 1, 2010 .

Outside My Window....
It is an overcast day. It looks like it may rain.
The cooler weather this front is bringing us is
really pleasent.

Weekend at a Glance.....
I spent Saturday cleaning, doing laundry and
planning a few school lessons. Much more to
do on the lessons.

Health Care....

Dad still has no insurance and no meds. It scares me terribly
but amazingly he is regulating everything pretty well with his
diet. I pray that is enough for now.

From the learning rooms...
Superboy will begin some one on one reading time
each morning and some writing exercises until
offical school begins.

I am wearing...
Jean capris and teal shirt

I am creating...
Spelling rules notebooks.

I am hearing ...
Sweet pea and Spirit playing with the play tent.
I hear Daddy watching an old movie. Can tell its old
by the sound.

Favorite things.....

I am Thankful for..

Sweet pea playing a bit more this week
on her own. Rather than always connected to me.

All our beach things are put away and washed.

That I could turn the Air conditioner off for a bit this week.

Daddy who decided to get his GED! (I'm so excited for him)

Thankful for friends at Career link that are helping
us find work and set us up with a program that will
help him with his disablitiy once he finds work.

Peace that God has given me in my heart even though
we still struggle. I feel that He is working for us.

I am praying for...
I am still praying for our financial situation. Things have
gotten much worse but we have hope if you look at
my Thanksfuls. I ask for prayers for Daddy as he works
to get his GED. That he isn't discouraged and in the mean
time can find work that he can do until his GED.

Prayers for my son as he seems to have anxiety over
small things lately. I think it is all the stress he
feels from us.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- grocerys, bank, Bible Study
Tuesday- Appointment at 11
Wednesday- planning and organizing
Thursday- Kids Kingdom playground Mtg.
Friday-Planning and organizing
Saturday- Family day
Sunday- Sunday services, covered dish
to hear about youth mission trip

Photo I'd like to share...


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