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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Carnival Rides

A trip to the Ocean wouldn't be complete without visiting the
rides. My kids really aren't big riders but they like a few rides.
Spirit and Superboy both played a fishing game and won
little trinkets to take home with them.

Spirit generally likes to ride in circles on the car rides and
it better not go up and down because he is having none of it.
He was interested in the bumper cars but he is a little to
small for those.

There are these adorable paintings all over the ride area.

Of course we couldn't leave without riding the firetrucks.
He also climbed in a big pirate ship and slid down a big
slid. I was more worried than he was.

The boys being Silly with Pap..

Spirit just had to ride the train. That was the highlight for
him and he asked for it later too.

While we were there a terrible accident happened. Not there
at the park but there at the beach. The roller coaster slipped off
its track and crashed into the building you see below. Both
my oldest daughter and I have ridden on this ride. A little scary.


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