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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach day!!

We had many many fun days at the beach. Some days we all
went to the ocean. Other days only Princess and Superboy.
I pretty much went every day since I was the water watcher.
Suntan lotion was a must. I ended up with lobster red legs
which in a few days turned to a tan. My arms and shoulders
automaticly tan. I love that.

Somedays Sweet pea stayed back. The Temperature was
Sometimes close to hitting 100 and one day it did hit 100.
When it was that hot I'd take her with me only for a little while
or not at all. I'd sit along the shore line with her so I could watch
the others. I could dig a hole in the sand and when a big wave
would come far enough to reach us it would fill the hole with
water. She loved that so much. She was covered in sand. I have
no photos of it as I held on to her the entire time when she
was down there.

Spirit was a little leery of the waves. He'd go in a little
but only if I'd hold his hand. Most of his time was spend in
The sand with his trucks or drawing patterns in the sand.
One day he spent it collecting shells with a friend he had made.

Superboy was in and out of the water. At times
playing along side Spirit and other times swimming and
splashing around. His favorite activity was digging for
sand crabs which mom taught him how to do.

The big kids.. Well this was about as close as I'd
get with them. I did spend one day out there with them
when the little ones had enough and wanted to stay in.
I had a great time with them. Princess loved it so much
she would have been in all day everyday for hours.


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