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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bayside Visit

Several days we spent at bayside visiting my brother
who lives several states away from us. We met together
for our annual family vacation. His room had a great
view of the bay. After spending hours on the beach
we would go over to his room with the view and watch
the boats come in.

Spirit loved all this action. You could also see the
drawbridge from the room. (lately for some
reason Spirit has been tilting his head when I
take his photo. Trying out that cute look )

Here is a photo of Heart and Sweet pea. Sweet pea was
rather fussy that day but we managed to capture this smile.

Heart and The Boy went down to test out the flimsy
wooden rail and take photos on it. I was standing at
the top of the building trying to get them off .
Course Heart was busy taking photos that she
didn't answer her phone. They both survived the photo

You can't go to Maryland with out taking Maryland Crabs. Yummy..
Thanks Uncle Tony for the treat.


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