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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What do you see at the end of the boardwalk?

One day we drove to the end of the boardwalk and this is
the view. The kids just wanted to be playing in the ocean,
which we did afterwords for quite awhile.

I love sitting her and watching the boats come in and go out.
This year though we could do that from my brother porch.
One year we saw dolphins but no luck this year. Not for a lack
of trying.

I love this photo of Princess. For one she is smiling and
I love that seagull in the distance.

and you can't have the OC without Heart and the Boy posting.
(haha using "The boy" from one of Hearts facebook posts)

Since is was to early for anything else to be open.
(Bad thing about early risers) We played games in
the arcade. Princess and I played Deal or no deal .
We won 500 tickets on one game. The other kids
played a lot of skee ball. Heart and the Boy managed
to get a stuffed animal from the claw. I have no idea
how she does that. Her dad can do it too. Me never.


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