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Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer is passing me by No more..

I am ready for summer!!! Yes I know it is already here
but I have noticed that I forgot to relax and enjoy it.
I realized this just yesterday, when I decided to go for a
little walk outside. All of May we walked and walked getting
ready for the active months to come but then I hurt
my back. I spent much of June sitting and resting it.
I couldn't walk to far but the warm breeze that was
blowing was heavenly. I did have some discomfort
a little after. All the same it was enjoyable and I came
to the conclusion that I have been missing out on that
summer sun. So now I am ready to do a little sun relaxing
and playing with my family. I look ahead to July with
the 4th facing right in front of me. I barely noticed it was
that time. We have VBS to look forward to and our trip
to the beach. When I finally get my toes in the hot sand..
then it will officially be summer.

For now we are still dealing with health issues
This time it is Sweet Pea who has some
sort of viral,fever. I know from experience that it
probably won't stop with her. I can hope for the best.
She is getting lots of snuggles and stories read to her.
The boys today go for their well check ups. This is the
last in the set of check ups due. Then on to dental.
I have been trying to get all of these things taken
care of in the warm months when we aren't doing our
lessons. It just makes our days go smoother when we
are. Heart has 2 more shots in a series to get. One due
in July I need to make that appointment and Sweet
pea has her one year check up in Aug. So maybe the
boys aren't really the last. Its hard to keep track of it all.
Thanks goodness for my day planner.

I think more than anything the reason I am missing summer isn't
because of just all I had planned to do. Such as our
deep house cleaning, or the dental, Dr. visits. I think
it has to do with the worrying I was doing. It took a
dear friend/blogger's advice. This time I left it with God
instead of picking it back up. Thank you for helping
me realize I was doing that. I am still looking for part time
work and Dad is still looking for full time work. We are
praying something happens soon or even that Dads
regular job has work and calls him back in. I hear this
struggle all over our town. I know it's not just our family.
If we don't find work by the end of Aug. things will be
very bad. I need at least a part time job or someone does.

So blogger friends I refuse to miss summer worrying
cleaning and dealing with health issues. It is time
to step outside and put my toes in the grass is not only
for a few minutes.

See you in the Sun!!


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