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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Planning, Planning, Planning....

I have been into planning for my preschooler all of
this week. Ideas kept popping into my head. I had to
file some away for Kindergarten. Let me start with
his workbox. Last year we started them as just a
try it out sort of thing. Spirit worked very well with
them. He enjoyed moving through his folders. We
worked through the entire alphabet and almost
got to recognizing numbers to 10. He's about at 6.
It wasn't that we didn't have time for it, it was just
the speed he went with the activity. Toward the end
of the year we began a rough activity of matching
lower and upper case letters, along with the phonetic
sounds. Spirit can give you over half of the phonetic
sounds. I was very happy with his ability for his
2009-2010 year. Instead of his workboxes being
set up by Theme activity as they were last year.
This year they will be set up by activity. The
labels in no particular order will be Calendar,
Bible, Storytime, phonics, Topic of study, Math, Large
or fine motor skill, Art or music and one extra folder
if needed. There will be a topic but not together
With his phonics.

I have planned how I want our Calendar to
go in the mornings. We did not previously have
a Calendar time (tried but didn't stick to it)
but I think this will help Superboy
with a few things as well. We will probably all sit
during this time and give Spirit a little attention.
I bought our Calendar at the $1. store. I love all the
new teaching items that they have available now.

Morning Notebook- Spirit will have a folder for his
morning time Especially made for him. Somewhat
like a mini office only notebook style and he will
contribute to it. Here are the activities that will be
included. Write now all this is in idea form so will
get you worksheets to download soon. Superboy will
contribute at a different level.

-Calendar time (date, time, year)
-write number on dry erase and in notebook
-Graph weather for the day
-Link our paper chain to begin counting our 100 days
-Write tally mark in notebook for count down
-Color in number on 100 chart
-write his name on a laminated card to say
he is up for the day- erase at days end
-Say our verse, poem or nursery rhyme
( color when completed from chart)

For Spirits phonics we will be using a book called
251 Three to five Minute Artic and Language Activities.
These are very short lessons for each letter sound. This
book did not include Vowels so I followed the same
short lesson idea and created lessons for the vowels.
Honestly I am not even sure where I got this book.
There will be a box available for real life items to go
into the box that begin with that sound. As we find
them we will place them in. We will write a list of words
starting with that letter to read each day together.
(honestly I think this will help Superboy more in his
reading than Spirit but it might surprise me)
I plan to take as long as we need to with this and if
we need to continue next year that is fine too. If he
knows a letter well such as B then we will just touch
on it and move along.

I also choose our themes and bible. We will begin
at the beginning with bible and read through his
childrens bible. There will be an activity to go along with
each story. My older children will be doing the new testament
and character lessons. I am sure Sprit will pick up a few things along
with them. Handwriting we will use handwriting without tears.

Here our our themes for the upcoming year these are one
week themes and are subject to change...

August- Chick Chick Boom Boom- ABC review
September- All about me (memory items) and Family tree
My house, Neighborhood, maps (geography)
Apples ( we did them when he was 2 but wanted to do it again)
Dinosaurs along with Creations story
October- Outer Space, Columbus
Mice stories (if you give a mouse a cookie and mouse paint)
Bats and Spiders, Monsters and Candy corn
November- Leaves, Friendship and manners, and Giving
December- Gingerbread men and Jesus Birth
January- Curious George book study, Hibernation,winter,
Nutrition and cooking fun
February- health and dental health, 100th day of school
Presidents, Science week
March-Dr. Seuss, Transportation, Rainbows
April-Farm animals, Easter, and Earth day
May- Butterflies, reptiles, bugs and birds
June- Circus, Berries and Ice cream

I created folders here on my laptop and now will begin
research so planning is easy. Any topics we don't get to
as we move to Spirits pace we will just toss on to


  1. Can I come be in preschool at your house???? LOL!!! It was so much fun teaching my girls at this age. It sounds like you two are going to have so much fun. Happy planning!


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