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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our First Day in Ocean City

Our first day at Ocean City was more on the set up side. We left
the house at 6 am. My parents were both driving. In fact if it wasn't
for them we wouldn't have been able to go on the trip at all.
Thanks Mom and Dad.

We arrived at Ocean City around lunch time. Princess
had me open the windows so she would smell the sea. It was
really hot out. As we were waiting to go over the bridge
I talked to a fisherman. He was soo hot. He said don't go fishing.
(meaning it was to hot to fish) His partner looked like he was
enjoying fishing but this man was not.

Mom and Dad took us all to Fish Tales resturant. It is neat how it
is set up. It is open to the bay. With lots of sand, picnic tables and
a boat for the kids to play on. It was hard to enjoy it because of
the heat.

Superboy didn't stay long to play but Spirit didn't mind
the weather as much.

Sweet pea fussed and fussed. She was only content as long
as I let her sip my diet pepsi.

Sweet peas face turned so red that I had to take her to
the van and turn on the AC. Immediately after we
were able to check in our apartment. It was grueling
hot trying to move all of our belongings inside.
It took a lot out of us and we rested most of the evening.
When the sun went down we hit the boardwalk.


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