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Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Raining it's Pouring..

It is so great to see it raining and cooling down a bit.
Yet I have been away from my little blog all week because
we were preparing for our community yard sale. We
did put things out yesterday for a bit but Saturday is typically
the big day. Many are still shopping in the rain but we really
have no where for people to stay dry. No canopy. No garage.
We tried to put our tables on the porch but they are to
large for people to walk past. This is the way life goes.
We will have fun this afternoon putting it all into the attic
again or not. Maybe possibly it will stop and we will put things
out. However, the weather man isn't giving me much hope.

A few good things come out of it anyway. One we so
desperately were needing rain. Our lawn feels like straw
in some areas. You don't want to walk barefooted on those
spots. Second it has been so hot and right now the temperature
is in the 70's. Much nicer than the 105 we had earlier this week.
Not to say it won't go back up again but it's a nice break. Third
we were going to sell soda and waters to people during the yard
sale. So we have lots of water for VBS. Which I think I'll need
since we are working in the music area. We can also use the
drinks for our vacation. The last good thing is that I cleaned out
a lot of my house and Good will will get to enjoy most of it
because I'm not putting all of back in the attic. Just the more
expensive things that you hate to just give up.

Now what to do with my time. I may just get more
school planning done today. I also need to work more
on our VBS songs. Just a once over and I can start packing
for the beach. Next week we go. I did sit here and jot down
all the things we are taking with us. The children have
been helping me add things as we think of them.
I have a review I am working on so could read that and
could work on my bible study. I'm a bit behind everyone
because of my sick baby (who is well now) and our yard
sale. Well, gotta get somethings done. Hope your
Saturday is a relaxing one.


  1. I'm sorry that your yard sale didn't go well, but it's great that you got rain, when you needed it. I've gotten where I don't care to have a yard sale, so I just start giving things away or if you can find a shop that does consignment on some of the items, you can try that, before giving it to Good Will. I have also given things to a local church for them to sale. I have a bunch of books that I can't seem to get rid of and will be taking them to the local library one day this week. I'm tired of having them in the back of my van, waiting to see if the lady that wanted them is ever going to be at church to get them. It's just too much of a hassle dealing with all this stuff. ;-)
    Do something fun for yourself.


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