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Tuesday, July 13, 2010
I thought I'd stop by and put some of my thoughts together.
This is a really busy week but the benefits will be a week
at the beach. My eyes are burning from lack of sleep. I'll
probably need a week just to catch up. My days have been
spent washing clothes, packing clothes, purchasing food
items, and practicing VBS songs.

I really am having a great time with the kids at VBS.
It is so great to see how excited they are. It has
been awhile since I thoroughly enjoyed an activity at
church. I suppose it is trying something different that has
made it all the more fun. I thought that working in the
music area would be a snap. Well, I thought wrong.
Trying to remember all of those songs and match them
to the actions was a huge job. Then trying to teach those
songs and action to the children . The same actions and
songs that took me days to remember. They put me to
shame picking them up in minutes. I am so used to
having to corral the preschoolers that I never was able to
enjoy the moment but this time I get to enjoy the smiles.
It has been really nice to see and do. It has been fun
to worship God in this way.

I still have a long list of things to complete before we
head off to the beach. They included....

More laundry.. More packing
Washing of sand toys
putting together their car packs/ games and drinks needed
Another trip to the store- forgot extra
diapers, wipes, goodnites, and sunburn spray
(someone always gets sunburn)

Friday night we will meet my mom and dad to pack
the vans. Daddy promised the kids a visit to our local
carnival. So we will hop over there for a few rides
and some dinner. If the rain stays at bay.
Then first thing Saturday morning we
will head out bright an early. I can hardly wait!!

Its not so much the vacation itself as it is showing
things to my children that I once enjoyed as a little girl.
We all know as adults vacation with children isn't always
much of a vacation. Its the showing that brings the smiles.
This will be Spirits first real trip to see the ocean. The
last time we were there he was very small and doesn't
remember things. As much as he enjoys the sand I can
only imagine how he reacts to the vast amounts of sand
and the swirling sea.

I want to show him the sea shell
shop at the end of the board walk. The upstairs of that
building is full of shells, starfish, coral and sponges.
There is also a life guard museum I know he would love.
We can sit and watch the boats go out in the mornings
and the dolphins splash around in the afternoons. We
will play mini golf and fly our kites in the coastal air.
I can almost smell it now and hear the sea gulls. It makes
me think of days when we were a close family. When
cousins and grandparents all gathered together.
We ran barefoot in the sand trying not to get our feet
burned and ate ice cream that melted on our shirts.
Days long gone by but things I can give my children too.

Well better get back to those VBS songs. Today is one
I sometimes have trouble with so want to review it.


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