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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The HEAT is on ..

The Heat, the Heat, the Heat is terrible here , in PA.
I had to run to the grocery store and even with the
Air conditioner on it was HOT. My temperature in our van
read 105 degrees. I was concerned for Sweet Pea. I
ran to Toys R us too and it was horrible in there. Their
Air went out. I felt bad for their employees. We didn't
stay to long. I gave Sweet pea her water and we headed
home. Her little head was so sweated when we got home.

It is a busy week . We are still dealing
with Sweet Peas illness. She is much better but on
occasion it appears again. Just when I think we have it
gone it gives one more time. Heart and I are working hard
on our VBS songs. The hardest for me is Revolution.
Its more a dance than a song and I have a hard time keeping
up. Heart had years of dance so she has it. I'll have to
stand back and say yep that's how you do it. Maybe I can
just wave my arms around a bit. Sort of look like I know
what I am doing. Princess and Superboy sit back
and laugh at me. We laugh together.

We are also getting ready for yard sale on Saturday.
You think it is hot outside you should visit our attic
for awhile, which is where all the yard sale items our.
On Thursday we are going to bring the things down and
tag them all. Hopefully the heat is gone by then.

Among that we are getting ready for Vacation. I went
today and bought some of the dry goods we will need.
I'll get any other items next week. Storing it all till then
is entertaining. I have no idea where to put things. We
will begin packing next week. This week I am making
lists and buying needed items. I can hardly wait to go.

Anyway...Ready for dinner. We are eating pizzas from
the microwave so it doesn't get to hot in here. Spirit
has been in his underwear all day. It is so hot I didn't
even bother to make him get dressed. Sweet pea has been
in a diaper and halter top.She keeps getting heat rash
across her belly and chest. Getting my iced tea and resting
for awhile. Well, never mind Heart wants to do the VBS
songs one more time.


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