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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Candy, Candy Kitchens

Going to the beach wouldn't be right without visiting Candy
kitchens. They are way over priced but the kids always get
something like licorice string, or lego sweet tarts.

Heart and The boy on hand chairs in front of candy kitchens.
We found this great big store off of the boardwalk. The kids love it.
You can see why.. Rows and Rows of..


Heart being silly with a candy shell pop.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Saran Wrap Trick...

My kids love watching funniest videos and one thing they often
show are harmless tricks people play on one another.
Such as taping the sprayer on the sink so that when you
turn on the water you get sprayed. Now my kids also
love love love their Pappy. He is like a playmate to them.
So it seemed only natural that he be the target of a trick.

While he was napping at the beach. Heart and I taped
saran wrap to the door. Honestly I think Pap knew what
was happening but he played along and walked right into
it. The kids giggled and had a great time. Thanks
Pap for being a good sport.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What do you see at the end of the boardwalk?

One day we drove to the end of the boardwalk and this is
the view. The kids just wanted to be playing in the ocean,
which we did afterwords for quite awhile.

I love sitting her and watching the boats come in and go out.
This year though we could do that from my brother porch.
One year we saw dolphins but no luck this year. Not for a lack
of trying.

I love this photo of Princess. For one she is smiling and
I love that seagull in the distance.

and you can't have the OC without Heart and the Boy posting.
(haha using "The boy" from one of Hearts facebook posts)

Since is was to early for anything else to be open.
(Bad thing about early risers) We played games in
the arcade. Princess and I played Deal or no deal .
We won 500 tickets on one game. The other kids
played a lot of skee ball. Heart and the Boy managed
to get a stuffed animal from the claw. I have no idea
how she does that. Her dad can do it too. Me never.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our First Day in Ocean City

Our first day at Ocean City was more on the set up side. We left
the house at 6 am. My parents were both driving. In fact if it wasn't
for them we wouldn't have been able to go on the trip at all.
Thanks Mom and Dad.

We arrived at Ocean City around lunch time. Princess
had me open the windows so she would smell the sea. It was
really hot out. As we were waiting to go over the bridge
I talked to a fisherman. He was soo hot. He said don't go fishing.
(meaning it was to hot to fish) His partner looked like he was
enjoying fishing but this man was not.

Mom and Dad took us all to Fish Tales resturant. It is neat how it
is set up. It is open to the bay. With lots of sand, picnic tables and
a boat for the kids to play on. It was hard to enjoy it because of
the heat.

Superboy didn't stay long to play but Spirit didn't mind
the weather as much.

Sweet pea fussed and fussed. She was only content as long
as I let her sip my diet pepsi.

Sweet peas face turned so red that I had to take her to
the van and turn on the AC. Immediately after we
were able to check in our apartment. It was grueling
hot trying to move all of our belongings inside.
It took a lot out of us and we rested most of the evening.
When the sun went down we hit the boardwalk.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook - Getting Back in the Groove

Today is...July 26, 2010 .

Outside My Window....
It is a beautiful day out there. Only 85 degrees making
It comfortable to do things outside. You can actually breathe
in it not like the last week or two where it was almost

Weekend at a Glance.....
Saturday was spent in the car driving back from the
Beach with my family.

Sunday we went to church and then came home and rested
from resting.

Health Care....

Today Heart and I had a dental appointment. It didn't go
as badly as I thought it would since I havent been in way to
long. I do have a few drill and fills. Heart too. The worst is we
both need our wisdom teeth out. Before I call that oral surgeon
I suppose I better find out if my blood pressue is better first.
Once my fillings are in in two weeks Princess will be due for
a dental cleaning too.

Dad still has no insurance and no meds. It scares me terribly
but amazingly he is regulating everything pretty well with his
diet. I pray that is enough for now.

From the learning rooms...
Playing and enjoying summer. Superboy will begin
a morning reading activity with me in Aug. and playing
on on the alternating days to get his
skills ready for August.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Chicken Pot pie
Tuesday- Beef, baked potatoes and broccoli
Wednesday- Pizza and fries
Thursday- Pork chips, corn and mashed potatoes
Friday- Lemon chicken, salad and pasta

I am wearing...
Jean capris and lavendar shirt

I am creating...
Morning calender notebooks

I am hearing ...
Sweet pea fussing. She has been all day. A little
spoiled maybe from all the attention during our vacation.

Favorite things.....
My suntan. I haven't been this tan in years.

I am Thankful for..

- Our summer Revival bible study

My dental apointment - My teeth feel great.

A cleaned up living room- the kids cleaned it up
while I was at the dentist.

All of this great warm weather

I am praying for...
Our financial situation is way way worse. Praying our
situation to elevate soon. Specifically for a
job to become available that Daddy can do with his
restrictions. We are desperately going to try a temp
services. Temp work isn't great but it will do until his
regular job calls him back.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday-Dentist appointment, grocerys, bank, gas
and taking Heart to her dads
Tuesday- Cleaning up and school plans
Wednesday- More planning
Thursday- More planning
Friday-Pick up Heart at dads
Saturday- Family day
Sunday- Sunday services

Photo I'd like to share...
Beach photo taken by Heart

Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Beans Are In..

Aunt Lori helped Spirit plant his beans and today
he harvested his bounty. The beans he planted
from wayyy back when we learned about plants and
read Jack in the bean stock. Here is the proud
bean picker. I do believe he also planted pumpkins.
I can hardly wait to see what that brings. He is
enjoying Aunt Loris garden and is so proud of his plants.

PS.... This blog will be on a break for one week. Come back
on July 26th when we return from our vacation. I will have
lots of photos from VBS and our Trip.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
I thought I'd stop by and put some of my thoughts together.
This is a really busy week but the benefits will be a week
at the beach. My eyes are burning from lack of sleep. I'll
probably need a week just to catch up. My days have been
spent washing clothes, packing clothes, purchasing food
items, and practicing VBS songs.

I really am having a great time with the kids at VBS.
It is so great to see how excited they are. It has
been awhile since I thoroughly enjoyed an activity at
church. I suppose it is trying something different that has
made it all the more fun. I thought that working in the
music area would be a snap. Well, I thought wrong.
Trying to remember all of those songs and match them
to the actions was a huge job. Then trying to teach those
songs and action to the children . The same actions and
songs that took me days to remember. They put me to
shame picking them up in minutes. I am so used to
having to corral the preschoolers that I never was able to
enjoy the moment but this time I get to enjoy the smiles.
It has been really nice to see and do. It has been fun
to worship God in this way.

I still have a long list of things to complete before we
head off to the beach. They included....

More laundry.. More packing
Washing of sand toys
putting together their car packs/ games and drinks needed
Another trip to the store- forgot extra
diapers, wipes, goodnites, and sunburn spray
(someone always gets sunburn)

Friday night we will meet my mom and dad to pack
the vans. Daddy promised the kids a visit to our local
carnival. So we will hop over there for a few rides
and some dinner. If the rain stays at bay.
Then first thing Saturday morning we
will head out bright an early. I can hardly wait!!

Its not so much the vacation itself as it is showing
things to my children that I once enjoyed as a little girl.
We all know as adults vacation with children isn't always
much of a vacation. Its the showing that brings the smiles.
This will be Spirits first real trip to see the ocean. The
last time we were there he was very small and doesn't
remember things. As much as he enjoys the sand I can
only imagine how he reacts to the vast amounts of sand
and the swirling sea.

I want to show him the sea shell
shop at the end of the board walk. The upstairs of that
building is full of shells, starfish, coral and sponges.
There is also a life guard museum I know he would love.
We can sit and watch the boats go out in the mornings
and the dolphins splash around in the afternoons. We
will play mini golf and fly our kites in the coastal air.
I can almost smell it now and hear the sea gulls. It makes
me think of days when we were a close family. When
cousins and grandparents all gathered together.
We ran barefoot in the sand trying not to get our feet
burned and ate ice cream that melted on our shirts.
Days long gone by but things I can give my children too.

Well better get back to those VBS songs. Today is one
I sometimes have trouble with so want to review it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Raining it's Pouring..

It is so great to see it raining and cooling down a bit.
Yet I have been away from my little blog all week because
we were preparing for our community yard sale. We
did put things out yesterday for a bit but Saturday is typically
the big day. Many are still shopping in the rain but we really
have no where for people to stay dry. No canopy. No garage.
We tried to put our tables on the porch but they are to
large for people to walk past. This is the way life goes.
We will have fun this afternoon putting it all into the attic
again or not. Maybe possibly it will stop and we will put things
out. However, the weather man isn't giving me much hope.

A few good things come out of it anyway. One we so
desperately were needing rain. Our lawn feels like straw
in some areas. You don't want to walk barefooted on those
spots. Second it has been so hot and right now the temperature
is in the 70's. Much nicer than the 105 we had earlier this week.
Not to say it won't go back up again but it's a nice break. Third
we were going to sell soda and waters to people during the yard
sale. So we have lots of water for VBS. Which I think I'll need
since we are working in the music area. We can also use the
drinks for our vacation. The last good thing is that I cleaned out
a lot of my house and Good will will get to enjoy most of it
because I'm not putting all of back in the attic. Just the more
expensive things that you hate to just give up.

Now what to do with my time. I may just get more
school planning done today. I also need to work more
on our VBS songs. Just a once over and I can start packing
for the beach. Next week we go. I did sit here and jot down
all the things we are taking with us. The children have
been helping me add things as we think of them.
I have a review I am working on so could read that and
could work on my bible study. I'm a bit behind everyone
because of my sick baby (who is well now) and our yard
sale. Well, gotta get somethings done. Hope your
Saturday is a relaxing one.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The HEAT is on ..

The Heat, the Heat, the Heat is terrible here , in PA.
I had to run to the grocery store and even with the
Air conditioner on it was HOT. My temperature in our van
read 105 degrees. I was concerned for Sweet Pea. I
ran to Toys R us too and it was horrible in there. Their
Air went out. I felt bad for their employees. We didn't
stay to long. I gave Sweet pea her water and we headed
home. Her little head was so sweated when we got home.

It is a busy week . We are still dealing
with Sweet Peas illness. She is much better but on
occasion it appears again. Just when I think we have it
gone it gives one more time. Heart and I are working hard
on our VBS songs. The hardest for me is Revolution.
Its more a dance than a song and I have a hard time keeping
up. Heart had years of dance so she has it. I'll have to
stand back and say yep that's how you do it. Maybe I can
just wave my arms around a bit. Sort of look like I know
what I am doing. Princess and Superboy sit back
and laugh at me. We laugh together.

We are also getting ready for yard sale on Saturday.
You think it is hot outside you should visit our attic
for awhile, which is where all the yard sale items our.
On Thursday we are going to bring the things down and
tag them all. Hopefully the heat is gone by then.

Among that we are getting ready for Vacation. I went
today and bought some of the dry goods we will need.
I'll get any other items next week. Storing it all till then
is entertaining. I have no idea where to put things. We
will begin packing next week. This week I am making
lists and buying needed items. I can hardly wait to go.

Anyway...Ready for dinner. We are eating pizzas from
the microwave so it doesn't get to hot in here. Spirit
has been in his underwear all day. It is so hot I didn't
even bother to make him get dressed. Sweet pea has been
in a diaper and halter top.She keeps getting heat rash
across her belly and chest. Getting my iced tea and resting
for awhile. Well, never mind Heart wants to do the VBS
songs one more time.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Simple Women's daybook

Today is...July 5, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

The sun is shining so bright and beautiful. Last week
was so pleasant. This week I see high 90 temps again.
We don't have a pool but the children keep cool with
buckets of water. Squirting one another and (the younger)
Playing ocean animals.

Weekend at a Glance.....

Our 4th of July was rather boring. Sweet pea had
fever all day Friday. Sunday she was better
but I left her with my mom anyway for church services.
Mom said she was very fussy so I'm glad I did.
I have to take off work in 2 weeks for vacation so
didn't want to miss a Sunday otherwise I probably would
have stayed home with her. Evening hours brought a lot
of fireworks here. I didn't see them, I was resting with
baby but I could hear them banging all around our house.

Health Care....

As I type this dad has no more meds left in the
bottle. We have to wait a week till we have funds again
to get them. He is being very careful about what he eats and
how much liquid he drinks. He is doing very well. I hate that
we can't provide this for him.

Sweet pea is much better and playing again. Yeah!!

From the learning rooms...

The children are enjoying their summer. Playing outside
and reading books for our library program. I am
working diligently to provide them with quality lessons in
the fall.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Leftovers from the weekend..
Homemade Lasagna and Grilled chicken.
Tuesday- Hamburgers and hot dogs
Wednesday- Going to a friends for a picnic
Thursday- Pork chips, corn and mashed potatoes
Friday- Beef , baked potatoes and peas

I am wearing...
black shorts and Teal top.

I am creating...
Learning games for the fall. Many from Childcareland at
the moment

.... I am hearing
Baby toy playing as Sweet pea is playing at my feet.

Favorite things.....
Sweet peas new swim suit
Superboys new suit
and Spirits new underwear.
Thanks mom..

I am Thankful for..

- Our summer Revival bible study
Please pray this week for our hearts as they
Strive for the Redemption

-For more adorable clothes that I was given by
friends for Sweet pea. Thank you it was much appreciated

- Clean house

-Sunny weather

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator (1 More week)

Our financial situation is worse. Praying our
situation to elevate soon. Specifically for a
job to become available that Daddy can do with his

and a part time job I can do and still be able to
school the children in the fall.

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday-Possibly babysitting grandchild
Tuesday- Cleaning up and school plans
Wednesday- Pool party, getting a new mattress
for our bed
Thursday- Princess 13th Birthday
Friday-Preparing for Yard sale
Saturday- Community Yard sale
Sunday- Sunday services and VBS begins

Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer is passing me by No more..

I am ready for summer!!! Yes I know it is already here
but I have noticed that I forgot to relax and enjoy it.
I realized this just yesterday, when I decided to go for a
little walk outside. All of May we walked and walked getting
ready for the active months to come but then I hurt
my back. I spent much of June sitting and resting it.
I couldn't walk to far but the warm breeze that was
blowing was heavenly. I did have some discomfort
a little after. All the same it was enjoyable and I came
to the conclusion that I have been missing out on that
summer sun. So now I am ready to do a little sun relaxing
and playing with my family. I look ahead to July with
the 4th facing right in front of me. I barely noticed it was
that time. We have VBS to look forward to and our trip
to the beach. When I finally get my toes in the hot sand..
then it will officially be summer.

For now we are still dealing with health issues
This time it is Sweet Pea who has some
sort of viral,fever. I know from experience that it
probably won't stop with her. I can hope for the best.
She is getting lots of snuggles and stories read to her.
The boys today go for their well check ups. This is the
last in the set of check ups due. Then on to dental.
I have been trying to get all of these things taken
care of in the warm months when we aren't doing our
lessons. It just makes our days go smoother when we
are. Heart has 2 more shots in a series to get. One due
in July I need to make that appointment and Sweet
pea has her one year check up in Aug. So maybe the
boys aren't really the last. Its hard to keep track of it all.
Thanks goodness for my day planner.

I think more than anything the reason I am missing summer isn't
because of just all I had planned to do. Such as our
deep house cleaning, or the dental, Dr. visits. I think
it has to do with the worrying I was doing. It took a
dear friend/blogger's advice. This time I left it with God
instead of picking it back up. Thank you for helping
me realize I was doing that. I am still looking for part time
work and Dad is still looking for full time work. We are
praying something happens soon or even that Dads
regular job has work and calls him back in. I hear this
struggle all over our town. I know it's not just our family.
If we don't find work by the end of Aug. things will be
very bad. I need at least a part time job or someone does.

So blogger friends I refuse to miss summer worrying
cleaning and dealing with health issues. It is time
to step outside and put my toes in the grass is not only
for a few minutes.

See you in the Sun!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Planning, Planning, Planning....

I have been into planning for my preschooler all of
this week. Ideas kept popping into my head. I had to
file some away for Kindergarten. Let me start with
his workbox. Last year we started them as just a
try it out sort of thing. Spirit worked very well with
them. He enjoyed moving through his folders. We
worked through the entire alphabet and almost
got to recognizing numbers to 10. He's about at 6.
It wasn't that we didn't have time for it, it was just
the speed he went with the activity. Toward the end
of the year we began a rough activity of matching
lower and upper case letters, along with the phonetic
sounds. Spirit can give you over half of the phonetic
sounds. I was very happy with his ability for his
2009-2010 year. Instead of his workboxes being
set up by Theme activity as they were last year.
This year they will be set up by activity. The
labels in no particular order will be Calendar,
Bible, Storytime, phonics, Topic of study, Math, Large
or fine motor skill, Art or music and one extra folder
if needed. There will be a topic but not together
With his phonics.

I have planned how I want our Calendar to
go in the mornings. We did not previously have
a Calendar time (tried but didn't stick to it)
but I think this will help Superboy
with a few things as well. We will probably all sit
during this time and give Spirit a little attention.
I bought our Calendar at the $1. store. I love all the
new teaching items that they have available now.

Morning Notebook- Spirit will have a folder for his
morning time Especially made for him. Somewhat
like a mini office only notebook style and he will
contribute to it. Here are the activities that will be
included. Write now all this is in idea form so will
get you worksheets to download soon. Superboy will
contribute at a different level.

-Calendar time (date, time, year)
-write number on dry erase and in notebook
-Graph weather for the day
-Link our paper chain to begin counting our 100 days
-Write tally mark in notebook for count down
-Color in number on 100 chart
-write his name on a laminated card to say
he is up for the day- erase at days end
-Say our verse, poem or nursery rhyme
( color when completed from chart)

For Spirits phonics we will be using a book called
251 Three to five Minute Artic and Language Activities.
These are very short lessons for each letter sound. This
book did not include Vowels so I followed the same
short lesson idea and created lessons for the vowels.
Honestly I am not even sure where I got this book.
There will be a box available for real life items to go
into the box that begin with that sound. As we find
them we will place them in. We will write a list of words
starting with that letter to read each day together.
(honestly I think this will help Superboy more in his
reading than Spirit but it might surprise me)
I plan to take as long as we need to with this and if
we need to continue next year that is fine too. If he
knows a letter well such as B then we will just touch
on it and move along.

I also choose our themes and bible. We will begin
at the beginning with bible and read through his
childrens bible. There will be an activity to go along with
each story. My older children will be doing the new testament
and character lessons. I am sure Sprit will pick up a few things along
with them. Handwriting we will use handwriting without tears.

Here our our themes for the upcoming year these are one
week themes and are subject to change...

August- Chick Chick Boom Boom- ABC review
September- All about me (memory items) and Family tree
My house, Neighborhood, maps (geography)
Apples ( we did them when he was 2 but wanted to do it again)
Dinosaurs along with Creations story
October- Outer Space, Columbus
Mice stories (if you give a mouse a cookie and mouse paint)
Bats and Spiders, Monsters and Candy corn
November- Leaves, Friendship and manners, and Giving
December- Gingerbread men and Jesus Birth
January- Curious George book study, Hibernation,winter,
Nutrition and cooking fun
February- health and dental health, 100th day of school
Presidents, Science week
March-Dr. Seuss, Transportation, Rainbows
April-Farm animals, Easter, and Earth day
May- Butterflies, reptiles, bugs and birds
June- Circus, Berries and Ice cream

I created folders here on my laptop and now will begin
research so planning is easy. Any topics we don't get to
as we move to Spirits pace we will just toss on to

Keep in Touch

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment or leave a message in my message box. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank- you for visiting Angels of Heart.

Rejoice in the Lord Always.