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Friday, June 25, 2010

Turtle Power !!!

I think this might just be our last Ocean animal. A sea
turtle. We had a lot of fun learning about Sea animals. I
hope that you enjoyed all of our creative sea animals and activites.
The turtle above was created by printable from
Danielle’s Place. Danielles Place is a wonderful site for good
Christian printables. There is a small fee for using the
site but it is about the price of a magazine you might
purchase for a year subscription. I have used the site
quite often and always recommend it.
This Turtle worksheet also came from the same location. Spirit
and I rolled a die to determine the number of rocks he would put
on this turtle each time. It was fun near the end trying to find
tiny rocks to squeese into his creation.

This turtle is made from our ice breakers container.
I cut out turtle legs and head from construction paper.
Then Spirit used our foam shapes and glued on a shape shell.

Not pictured... I cut from craft foam turtle shapes to 12.
I layed the shapes outside in a hopscotch pattern and
we played hopscotch on our turtle shells.


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