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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Simple Womens Daybook

Today is...June 1, 2010 .

Outside My Window....

The weather seems to go from sunny to rainy almost
all in one breath. Yesterday the sun came out and then
it rained. It was very odd. It seems we are getting rain
every day or at least every other.

Weekend at a Glance.....

This weekend was picnic weekend. We went to a huge
picnic that my aunt helps hold. The menu is soo huge.
Grilled trout, fried turkey, grilled beef, beef barbque and
many many sides and goodies. We sit in lawn chairs and relax.
This year there was even a DJ. I can think of no
better way to start the summer than relaxing in my lawn
chair. Next time, remind me to bring the play pen.
Sweet pea was so wiggly. We brought a blanket for her
to sit on. She wouldn't go off because she didn't like the
feel of the grass but she would pick things up from
the side and try to eat them. The boys were in heaven.
Playing yard games, swords and squirting water guns
at the girls. It was a nice time and was't terribly hot.

Yesterday we had a picnic here at our house. It was
just our family rather low key. We ended up eating
inside since the weather couldn't decide if it wanted
to shine or rain.

Health Care....

If you caught it last week. Dad had another Dr.
appointment. Now his restrictions are lifted to 75lbs.
Work told him that, they still don't have work. They
are awaiting the school orders. Once they come in
he will be called. We are thinking about going to a temp
agency for work until his regular job has something
for him. You never know he may even find the job he
needs with less physical activity. We are not sure
what we want to do yet. We dont want to jeopordize
the job he has but we also need something to happen
and very soon.

From the learning rooms...


Math- Reviewing
Literature- Reading poetry
History- Women In Politics
Science- Energy

Math- decimals
Literature- Reading Aladdin
History- Inventors
Science- Rock Hound

Ocean unit study and ABC review.
We are taking this last unit pretty slowly.
If Spirit wants to do some school we are doing
it and if not we let it go for the day. When its
nice out I'd rather is was out exploring and playing.

From our kitchen...
Monday- Grilled chicken, potatoes,and peas
Beyond that I am not sure. We do have a freezer
full of things. No worry there but just don't have a
plan for this week.

I am wearing...
Green capris and black Tank top

I am creating...
an organized desk

I am hearing....
Animal Planet on TV
Daddy kissing Sweet pea
Boys talking in the kitchen
Footsteps upstairs and
Heart doing the dishes

Favorite things.....
Klondike bars

I am Thankful for..
-Calm summer days ahead
-Graduation this week and all that it entails
-A clean house, we all worked yesterday in the
morning and had the basics done before none.
-The warm sun on my face
-The long walks we were able to take last month.
I think we will continue this month too. We
missed some because of rain.

I am praying for...

Our VBS coordinator

Our financial situation seems to be getting
worse instead of better but we still somehow manage
to make it. Even more of our finances will drop after
June making things even harder if Daddy's work doesn't
call soon.

Two friends who had corporal tunnel surgery

Heart as she finishes out her Senior year and then decides
what is next.

My own Revival in Christ

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week

Monday- Picnic at home
Tuesday- School, VBS Meeting
Wednesday- School, Hearts Sr. trip
Thursday- School,Commencement practice
Friday-School , Hearts Graduation
Saturday- Free day
Sunday- Sunday services, Youth pool party


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