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Friday, June 18, 2010

PreSchool Planning

preschool corner

I like Jolanthe am beginning to plan for the fall season.
I am in the very preliminary stages of planning. In fact
we are still working on our Ocean unit for this year.
Taking our time and enjoying each other. I have
a few ideas saved on my computer at this time. When
something great comes my way I bookmark it or copy it
to files for later veiwing. Before I use any of these saved
items I want to take the time to Pray. God knows what He
wants from us. He knows what my child needs for the
the coming year before he begins Kindergarten. I can barely
believe I am saying those words. (Kindergarten) Wait though
I don't want to rush him. He has still one year. I have to
think of my older children as well. One who has one more
year before high school begins, one struggling with reading.
So much to think about along with a little baby
to take care of, she will be 1 in August. All 7 of
them have their own needs. Even the ones that don't
live at home.

God knows our needs before we ask for them.
It is difficult to know if we are making the right choices.
Yet the choice to school your child at home is valuable.
Pray and wait for your answers. Take time to find what
is of importance to you and your family. I have been
doing just that and some random thoughts have come
my way. In no particular order here are some skills I
hope to help Spirit to master in the fall and below
each a few ideas to help with that. Some may be to
large of a leap and will be used through Kindergarten
if nessessary. Some will continues through life such as..

- Helping to foster God in his Heart
Prayer, Reading and enacting bible stories,
memorizing simple bible verses.

- Counting to 100
-Recognizing teens and beyond
Calendar activities, 100 day of school count
downs, party to celebrate, Games to enforce

-learning the sounds of the letters
-writing letters and his name
-matching upper and lower case
Use of themes and stories incoorporate the above
into each. Rich in literacy.

-Beginning site word recognizion (After winter break)
highlighting them in stories, playing games

-reading and enjoying rhymes
Nursery rhyme journals

-Cutting skills

Possible theme ideas-
Eric Carle, Nature studies- Birds, bees, pond life
Farm animals, the process of milking,
Visit dairy farm, Reptiles, Space, Dinosaurs
Transportation and end with a fun
Circus theme. These are only a few many more
will pop up as I go I am sure. To be honest the
transportation idea is more for fun since I think
Spirit knows more than I do about the trucks and
how they work . This is just a beginning. It may
change drastically as I go. It may form all on
it's own to Gods plan for my child. Much of it
will be learned through play and he won't even
know he is learning. That is the great thing
about preschool.

These are the ideas in my files. I know many more
will open as time goes. Gods plan will unfold.
I will not try to do this alone. God is with me.

If you'd like to take a peek at our ocean theme click
The link on my side bar under preschool. Still have
a few to add. Sharks Tommorrow and Sea turtles.


  1. Thank you for reminding me to include God in my busy plan making! An Eric Carle unit sounds fun!


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